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Over 2,400 unique titles listed within 500+ subgenres, and growing! Mind Like Water will advertise your nonfiction, fiction, and kids ebooks in our online directory. Please, no works that contain pornographic, hate, violent, racist or sexist material.

You can submit ebook titles (i.e., download, disk, CD -- no software listings, please) by using the form below. ONLY ONE DIRECTORY LISTING PER TITLE.

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Short synopsis of the ebook. Please, no marketing pitches. Avoid CAPS, superlative adjectives, and exclamation marks. If part of a series, note title of series and sequence in series -- for example, Book 1 of ...X Series.
Choose ONE genre (titles are not multiply listed in the directory). The major genres, which appear on our home page, are capitalized in the pick lists below; the subgenres are in lower case. It is STRONGLY suggested that you view the appropriate genre site map, hyperlinked below the pick lists, before making your choice. (There are some additional subgenres not yet on the site maps in the pick lists.) The subgenres appear in the pick lists alphabetically, or alphabetically within a subject group.
Nonfiction Genre Pick List

(note: B&M = Biographies and Memoirs; B&F = Business and Finance; R&S = Religion and Spirituality; S&T = Science and Technology; W&P = Writing and Publishing)

Nonfiction Genre Site Maps

Biographies and Memoirs

Business and Finance


Religion and Spirituality
Science and Technology
Writing and Publishing

Fiction and Kids Genre Pick List

(note: SF = Science Fiction; T&S = Thriller and Suspense)

Fiction and Kids Genre Site Maps


Historical Fiction


Other Fiction


Science Fiction
Thriller and Suspense
Young Adult


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