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Writers Exchange E-Publishing is an Australian publishing house. After expanding beyond our award-winning Writing Resource Website, we started publishing ebooks in 2000. Not wanting to limit ourselves to only the Australian market place we have two websites: Writers Exchange International, which lists all books in US currency and accepts credit card or PayPal; and Writers Exchange Australia, which accepts credit card, cheques and COD for CD purchases. We publish almost all genres except erotica and horror. We produce numerous children's illustrated picture books as well as adult novels of nearly every kind. Our books are available in pdf, html, rtf, Microsoft Reader, Palm and unenscripted Mobipocket formats, and can be downloaded in electronic format or snail mailed on CD or print.

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Cool Off the Hot Seat: Tips for Acing Your Job Interview 
by Rebecca Rothman McCoy
edited by Sandy Cummins
illustrated by Jo Dunningham
genre: Employment -- job search
You're sitting across the desk from an interviewer and the butterflies in your stomach feel like hummingbirds. Your palms are sweating, your heart is racing. You want this job. You need this job! You wonder if the interviewer notices your discomfort. And what can you say to set you apart from all the others? Yes, you're certainly in the hot seat now, but careful preparation can help you stay cool, calm, and collected. Is there some hidden magical secret which will help you to land this job? Not really, but if you are unsure of what to say or do and don't know the tricks that can set you apart from your competition, then this book is for you! Written by a staffing industry professional with more than twelve years of interviewing experience, Cool Off the Hot Seat! answers all your questions about job interviewing, from obtaining the interview to the follow-up afterwards. Here are just a few topics you will read about: * Tips on how to research companies you are interested in * Making a great first impression * Appropriate clothing and accessories * Answers for those tough questions * What the interviewer is looking for * The most effective ways to do assertive follow-ups * Working with recruiters. In addition, there is a special bonus section on how to do media interviews like a pro!

Book Reviewed: "Using several of the techniques mentioned in this book I just landed a nice job. Here is what happened... I recently went in for an interview for a job where I had NO direct experience, just similar or distantly related experience. The interview was a smashing success, and I was called back for the second interview with the company CEO. I ended up with the job! Imagine that, I got the job over about 20 other people that had years of experience in the field. How did this happen, you ask? Simple, I went in as myself and played up my strong points, and showed a desire to learn the areas I may be weak in... simply put, I was myself through the whole process, and they felt that I "fit" with what the company was all about." ~ reviewed by Patrick M.

electronic version
Writers Exchange E-Publishing, 2 November 2004, ISBN: 1 920741 76 3

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

Radically Real: The Quest for Authenticity
by David C. Weiss
genre: Religion & Spirituality: Christianity
As a person who ministers to young people and works in outreach as much as possible, there is one thing that consistently comes to the fore. People are looking for authenticity and they are not finding it in much of the church. The basic principle behind this book goes back to the old "chestnut": If being a Christian were a crime would there be enough evidence to convict you?
Are we "walking the talk?" Are we living the example? Are we being salt and light? Would a non-believer, looking at our lives, want to have what we have? Radically Real is a wake-up call to the church. It is a call to look at the way we are living our lives. It is a call to return to biblical Christianity. 
Is Radically Real a set of legalistic rules? Hardly! Radically Real is more of a call for the church to clean up its act and reach out to the world. It is a call to meet people where they are, just like Jesus did! It is a call to leave judgment on the door step and be good "fishers of men." Jesus helps us catch them and then He cleans them.
It is a call to follow Jesus' example, a reminder that God allows U-turns, a call to be a living sacrifice and count the cost as well as a reminder of the high price God paid for us out of His great love. It is a guide to the battle against the dark forces of life. It is a reminder to keep your "sword" sharp through serious time in the Word.
It is a call to leave the middle of the road and make a stand for Christ. It is an audit to your heavenly bank account, a challenge to the church to be on fire and burn bright with the light of Jesus and, most importantly, it is a call for the church to boldly go into all the world with the message of the Gospel.
Mostly, it is the book I wish I had when I first became a Christian. It is the book I wish the Christians had read who made me think that Christianity was a cold and lifeless set of rules that I wanted no part of, rather than the vibrant, exciting fulfilling life I have found it to be.

electronic version
Writers Exchange E-Publishing, ISBN:
1 876962 02 X 

by JennaKay Francis
genre: Fantasy Romance
Although Thalassa, a sea-witch, is captured when the warlord Rhaeven sends his troops to her small village, she views it as not much more than what her past life entailed. Married at a young age to a man she did not love, and abused during the relationship, she is secretly glad to see her husband die. Now, pregnant, enslaved, and stricken with a deadly disease, she only waits her own death to release her from her torment.
Terran, the elfin Crown Prince of Diraenia, must choose a mate and produce an heir before his 30th birthday, or forfeit the crown to his youngest brother, Unwin. And time is running out. Terran is 29. His fiancÚ, Elise, is dead, and he believes Unwin responsible. Yet, there is no proof. To make matters worse, Terran's other brother, Sinclair, has disappeared, and Terran fears the worse.
Bothered by a strange, haunting beat of drums, which no one can hear save himself, Terran's thoughts continually turn to a brief encounter with a young woman from Zal. Three days he spent with her, walking her back to her village, and her pre-ordained life there. Three days he spent falling in love with a woman who could never be his. She returned to her village, her waiting husband, and he returned to the palace, and life of emptiness and despair.
But the drums continue to call, and at last, Terran sets out to revisit the village, to see the woman one more time, to bring a close to his questions.

electronic version
Writers Exchange E-Publishing, ISBN: 1-920741-85-2

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