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Molly J. Ringle

Molly J. Ringle is from the Pacific Northwest, is fond of rain, has studied linguistics and anthropology, and always enjoys reading and writing something intelligent dealing at least partially with romance.

Thirty-Two and Raining 
writing as Daphne McLaren
genre: Other Fiction: gay and lesbian fiction

He's a young American in London. He's the romantic lead in a movie. He looks fabulous in black eyeliner. He has a girlfriend who worships him and friends who adore him. So what's bothering Sinter Blackwell?

Could it have anything to do with Andy, his best friend from high school, who happens to be gay, and once kissed Sinter when they were fifteen? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Sinter can't stop thinking about him, even though they haven't seen each other in years?

So Sinter leaves London and returns home to the Pacific Northwest to find Andy, dreading all the time how he will tell his disapproving parents that he is falling in love with another man. But little does he know that his ex-girlfriend is not finished with him...
ISBN: 0-473-08615-8 (electronic)

Tourist Attractions
genre: Romance: romantic comedy
A six-month working vacation in Edinburgh seems just the ticket for young American Eva, who is having some second thoughts about her Catholic boyfriend -- until she falls for a local Scottish lad with issues of his own.



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