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William Dennenberg

William Dennenberg is a long-established commentator on the lives of British royalty and aristocracy. As an author his principal interests have been in the field of defense issues, especially in systems designed to combat large-scale terrorism and insurgency, and his novels use this expertise as a background to his presentation of the nature of British society. Royal Flush tells such a story in the style of a gentle and affectionate parody of Hollywood's romantic comedy-adventure genre.

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Royal Flush 
genre: Romantic comedy adventure
This is the tale of a truly uninhibited English princess pursued by terrorists finding refuge in Arizona, and solace in the arms of an American cop and his lover. Written as a gentle, affectionate parody of Hollywood's romantic comedy-adventure genre, this is a must for all royalists and for everyone who enjoys a racy read that exposes high life for what it undeniably is.  

Composed with the eye of a perceptive observer, the story is rich in shrewd and authentic insights into the camouflaged strengths and weaknesses of royal life. The heroine, blonde, elegant and beautiful, witty, tall and athletic, faces the continuous stream of dangers with a cheerful bravery that disguises her inherently manipulative and regally obdurate character. 

The action takes the princess, together with the cop who rescues her, from Chicago to the Grand Canyon, dodging the terrorists, the Mafia and the police with the help of a light aircraft, a bus, a train, a balloon, a rowboat, a vintage motorbike and an ultralight. When they at last reach safety and relax in a romantic and comparatively carefree atmosphere, the copís girlfriend protecting her own relationship in surprising fashion, the terrorists find them and the final shoot-out begins.

electronic version
The Baronage Press (Banneret Books), October 2002, ISBN: 0-9535213-0-3

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

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