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Tara Maras and Donna Kozik

Award winning authors Tara Maras and Donna Kozik share their job-winning ways in Get A Job! Put Your Degree To Work. Owners of a book writing and publishing business, Maras and Kozik are also the authors of 29 Days To A Smooth Move, a complete household moving manual. Advice from their books has been featured in 130 newspapers, including the L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun. They've also been quoted in Money magazine, Woman's Day magazine and are the national spokeswomen for a Fortune 100 telecommunications company. Maras lives in Las Vegas and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Communication Studies from University of Nevada Las Vegas. Kozik is based in San Diego and holds a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in marketing. For more information and free tips, visit http://www.GetAJobBook.com  and http://www.29DaysToASmoothMove.com.

Home page of Tara Maras and Donna Kozik: http://www.getajobbook.com 

Get A Job! Put Your Degree To Work 
illustrated by Ron Maras
genre: Employment -- job search
Get to work on getting work with this practical job-finding resource. Get A Job! Put Your Degree To Work helps readers create an organized command center, use precious time wisely, develop a network of associates, conquer the cover letter and resume, master the art of the interview, conduct salary negotiations and much more. Featured alongside today’s effective job-finding strategies are top suggestions from dozens of company leaders, human resource professionals and career experts – people in the know who want to help others find employment. Discover secrets from the best – those who hire and those who work to get people hired. With its down-to-earth strategies, Get A Job! Put Your Degree To Work provides information readers can benefit from immediately – and land the professional job they want.

Book Reviewed: "This book delivers on all levels: cover letters, resumes, interviews and salary negotiation. Start your search off right with ‘Get A Job!’..." Kurt Foriska, Ohio State University

"The section on the 'Art of the Interview' was especially helpful in squelching my fears and letting me know what to expect." Matt LaConte, Washington University

"I found the chapter 'Create a Job-Finding Command Center' useful because when it comes to being organized, I'm usually out of luck." Cassi Jerkins, Mira Mesa High School, San Diego

"Tremendously helpful in aiding in the job search process, but fun to read as well!" Krista DeDad, John Carroll University

"The advice provided in this book helps you move from years of learning into potential earnings." Becky D. McClain, MBA, SPHR HR Strategic, Inc.

electronic version
Self-published, January 2004, ISBN: 0-9740019-2-9
paperback version
Self-published, January 2004, ISBN: 0-9740019-3-7

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

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