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Susan Lee

Susan has been writing for children for fifteen years. Her magazine work can be found in Spider Magazine, Highlights for Children Magazine, Plays, The Drama Magazine for Young People, kidsworld Magazine, Plančte 912, and GRIT. Her young adult short stories can be found in the anthologies Notes Across the Aisle, and Beginnings: Stories from Canada's Past. Susan has a non-fiction book for middle grade readers titled The Empress and the Destroyer in the works at this time.

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Genuine Haunted House For Sale 
genre: Children's Fiction: ghost stories
Stevie can't believe her bad luck when her parents buy their new home. Nor can T.C. Jr., the youngest of the family of resident ghosts. It seems like the adults in their parallel worlds have gone batty. T.C. Jr.'s mum and daddo, The Mrs. and The Captain, cooked up the hair-brained idea of saving their home from the wreckers by selling it. Stevie's parents hatched the idea of documenting the ghosts to help re-establish her mother's career as journalist. T.C watches with amusement as Stevie's certainty that "there's no such thing as ghosts" slowly dissolves. But the pressure mounts and the ghosts are forced into hiding as Stevie's parents' attempt to acquire footage of them nearly drives them back to their graves. Stevie's shaky beliefs come crashing in on her when, in search of some solitude, she meets the ghost family. Stevie and the ghosts cook up a scheme to get her parents to leave the ghosts alone. It works, but almost too well. Stevie's parents are considering moving again, maybe to the suburbs. With Stevie's new knowledge and her new friendships, this is an unbearable thought. She comes up with a solution to please all of the house's occupants. But will it work? And will the ghosts return?

Book Reviewed: What's great about this story is that Lee switches point of view back and forth between Stevie and T.C., a young boy ghost. T.C. is none too happy to have his old bedroom invaded by a girl, and vows to do whatever it takes to get Stevie and her family to move out of the house. His antics, as well as those of the older ghosts in the house, provide much amusement to the reader. Ultimately, Stevie must decide whose side she's actually on, her parents' or the ghosts'.

electronic version
Atlantic Bridge Publishing, October 2002, ISBN: 1-931761-42-6

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

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