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Dee Lloyd

Dee Lloyd is the author of five published romantic suspense novels. She credits her upbringing in a Northern Ontario mining town for her conviction that nothing is impossible if a person is willing to work for it.

When she was thirteen years old, in an interview for the Timmins Daily Press, Dee said she was going to be a writer. Many careers -- ranging from sales clerk in a record store to teacher of creative writing -- later, she is doing just that.

Married to Terry Sheils, award-winning author of horror and humorous mystery, Dee states, "Writing is as essential as breathing in our house."

A Senior Editor with LTDBooks, Dee is a popular speaker at romance and mystery conferences. Dee's Ties That Bind won the Electronic Publishers Internet Connection (EPIC) award for contemporary romance in 2001.

Two or three chapter excerpts of her novels are available on Dee's website: http://www.deelloyd.com.

Change of Plans
genre: Romance: romantic suspense
Everyone has plans. Sara plans to consider a marriage proposal. Mike plans to fill the empty half of his honeymoon bed. Someone plans to kill Sara. No one intends to fall in love. But on a tropical cruise, the best-laid plans....
ISBN: 1-55316-008-8 (electronic)
ISBN: 1-55316-985-9 (Gemstar)
ISBN: 1-55316-518-7 (paperback)

Ties That Blind
genre: Romance: romantic suspense
Risa is happy to run into the object of her teenage dreams on a plane, delighted at the interest sparking between them, less thrilled to find a revolver in her locked van, and devastated to find a body in her garage. Was the chance reunion a lucky one or part of a devious frame up for murder?
ISBN: 1-55316-014-2 (electronic)
ISBN: 1-55316-994-8 (Gemstar)
ISBN: 1-55316-514-4 (paperback)

Ghost of a Chance
genre: Romance: romantic suspense
Bretís well-ordered life is already off the rails when the lovely but bloody ghost confronts him on a dark, deserted road. His body is almost fully recovered from the attack that nearly killed him but he wonders if his nerves are in worse shape than he thought. Seeing ghosts?! He must be losing his grip on reality.

Milly spots the tall, attractive blond man the moment he steps into the piano lounge. As she spins her web of magic on her audience, she is intensely aware of the strangerís unwavering gaze.

To begin with, there was only a ghost of a chance that Bret, who charmed readers in Change of Plans, would meet the pale and bloodied figure on a dark road. That he would heed the faint command to "Warn her." That he would step into the piano lounge and see her again, quite alive singing a torch song. That he would fall under her spell as she sang "That Ol' Black Magic." A ghost of a chance that they would fall in love as they searched for her twin sister's murderer. Sometimes, a ghost of a chance is enough.
ISBN: 1-55316-094-0 (electronic)
ISBN: 1-55316-572-1 (paperback)


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