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Shaun Fawcett is a Canadian-based writer, business consultant, journalist, and publisher. Over the years he has worked in a variety of professional capacities in both the private and public sectors. He earned his M.B.A. in 1996 through the University of Ottawa’s Executive MBA Program. 

He has published many magazine articles on subjects ranging from business, to sports, to entertainment. He is the author of the book Internet Basics Without Fear! and he owns and operates the Montreal-based firm, Final Draft! Business Consulting and Communications. 

Shaun is webmaster of the popular one-stop writing help web site: http://www.writinghelp-central.com. Every week, thousands of people visit that site to obtain tips, advice, and resource information on everyday writing including: personal letters, business letters, resumes, CVs, reports, essays, and term papers. He also created http://www.writinghelptools.com, a one-stop resource site for the best practical writing tools on the Net. In addition, Shaun is the author of the internationally acclaimed writing help ecourse, Tips and Tricks For Writing Success, which he offers for free at his various web sites. 

To date, Shaun has published six "Writing Toolkit" ebooks: Instant Home Writing Kit; Instant Recommendation Letter Kit; Instant Reference Letter Kit; Instant Business Letter Kit; Instant Resignation Letter Kit; and Instant College Admission Essay Kit

These ebooks are unique in the sense that they provide comprehensive "how to" information combined with "real-life" templates that users can download into their word processors and use as they choose. They have been designed to meet the home, business, and educational writing needs of the typical visitor to his writing help web sites. 

The philosophy behind these writing tools is based on Shaun's personal belief that, "...everyone, no matter what they do or where they come from, should be able to benefit from the power of the written word in their everyday life."

Home page of Shaun Fawcett: http://writinghelptools.com 

Instant Recommendation Letter Kit - How To Write Winning Letters of Recommendation 
genre: Writing and Publishing: reference
Instant Recommendation Letter Kit is a unique and highly focused information resource that concentrates on the writing of ALL types of letters of recommendation: personal, business, employment, and college admission. Also covered are: employment and character reference letters, commendation letters, and performance evaluation letters. This is the print version of the best-selling online ebook. In addition to extensive "how-to" information, the Kit also provides 35 real-life letter and essay templates, plus more than 100 researched hyperlinks to online recommendation letter resources. The print version includes a special e-mail address where buyers can order a Free set of all of the templates and resource hyperlinks included in the book, that they can download into their word processor (MS-Word format). The Kit also contains a Bonus Chapter on how to write college admission essays, including a number of downloadable samples. In addition, the book includes a money-saving Bonus "Buyers Guide" that reviews and assesses the top sites on the Internet that offer online writing services for recommendation letters and college admission essays. This Kit is a unique "must-have" writing resource for anyone who needs help writing any kind of recommendation letter.

Book Reviewed: "This book is the best! I received actual electronic recommendation letters from the book, selected the paragraphs that I needed, and I gave them to my manager -- because she was writing a recommendation letter. She said the paragraphs were "really, really helpful," and that's high praise. The letters in the book are truly outstanding -- you won't read anything nearly as good anywhere else. Also, they cover a lot of different topics, including how well the employee presents, how diligent the employee is, and so forth. This book will pay for itself many times over -- because it'll help you or someone you know get a great new job. I highly recommend it." --- Gregory Brown, Chicago, IL, USA

electronic version
self-published, April 2004, ISBN: 0968429734
paperback version
LightningSource.com, March 2003, ISBN: 0968429750

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

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