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Sharon Fling has worked in the information systems field for over 17 years, with experience in systems analysis, project management and Internet applications development. After 8 years with the Walt Disney Company, she became an independent consultant, helping small business owners utilize the power of the Internet to promote local business. In addition to the ebook How To Promote Your Local Business On the Internet, she created
http://www.geolocal.com, a resource center for small local business owners interested in promoting their businesses online. She's married and the mother of 7-year-old triplets.

Home page of Sharon Fling: http://www.geolocal.com 

How To Promote Your Local Business On the Internet 
genre: Business Marketing
The Internet has always been viewed as a global market, and very few small business owners have realized the importance of having a web presence. Many feel itís a waste of money since their customers are locally based. 

How to Promote your Local Business on the Internet shatters all myths and shows exactly why a local business should be online and how it too can survive and prosper online. The book gives business owners simple but powerful instructions on how to promote a brick-and-mortar business on the Internet. Includes promotional ideas, regional search engines and directories where they can get listed. 

Along with informative tips on how to use online and offline methods for promoting local businesses, it also includes an introductory tutorial on how to use the Internet and how to write effective email messages. For those businesses that are short of cash and cannot invest time and money, it also includes a section that shows how they too can profit from the web with limited resources. 

Finally, How to Promote Your Local Business On The Internet includes a special companion ebook, which contains success stories of real world local businesses that are successfully using online promotion to reach a regional audience.

Book Reviewed: http://localbizpromo.com/Testimonials/testimonials.html, Midwest eBook Review by reviewer Judy Justice; eBook Reviews Weekly by reviewer Pooja Srinivas

electronic version
Self-published, March 2002, ISBN: 0971897107
paperback version
GeoLocal.com, Inc., July 2003, ISBN: 0971897108

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

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