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Beverly Ruuth

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother...and writer. I'm not sure my family and friends think of me as a writer, but I started my writing career about 25 years ago selling short fiction to women's magazines. For a while I did a weekly column on country living in two of our local newspapers. I've sold several stories to Highlights For Children, Cricket and Clubhouse.

After a several year sabbatical I'm back pursuing the longer story. I believe that every "The End" is just another beginning. I love reading, writing, quilting, painting, swimming and camping, dancing with my husband of 46 years, teaching clogging...and just sitting and watching a beautiful sunset. My URL: http://www.beverlyruuth.com

A Promise of Love
genre: Romance: time travel romance -- 20th century America
When Margo Padderson stepped off the curb to enter Seattle's Pike Place Market she stepped into the year 1907 and into the body of Faith Lawson, a young wife big with her third pregnancy. In Faith's body she found passion in her husband's arms, love in his big family and purpose in their tiny struggling Kent Valley farm. But being Faith did not guarantee complete happiness and when tragedy struck, Margo/Faith was faced with insurmountable grief and was catapulted back into her own time, 2000. In her struggle to get back to the small farm in 1907 Margo finds love in her own time and now must make a choice.
ISBN: 0-7443-0264-1 (electronic)

Good Morning, Delight
genre: Young Adult
Carla Lancaster has gone totally blind at 15. With grief and anger tearing at her she turns away from her family and friends and the horse ranch her family owns and the horses she loves so much. She had nothing to live for! That is until Jim Murry, the senior who works for her family, decides to see if a kid could get Carla back into life when counselors and family couldn't. A foal named Delight and a young farm boy show Carla how to plant hope and dreams where despair and anger had once been.
ISBN: 1-931540-95-0 (electronic)

Where Eagles Soar
genre: Romance: historical romance -- 19th century America 
Jed O'Connell owns and runs his 1887 logging camp with an iron hand. That is until a small, strong-will mother and her tiny daughter step off the sternwheeler dressed as boys. Anne was going to teach school in O'Connell's camp whether he wanted her to or not. And it was his fault, with his arrogant idea about no single women in his camp, that she had to pretend to be a man until the boat left the camp.

Sparks turn to love among the tall evergreens of northern Washington state -- a love that can't be diminished by hardship, sickness nor the threat of death from a disgruntled logger out to get back at Jed O'Connell any way he can.
http://www.awe-struck.net (coming soon)


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