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Belgrave House

Belgrave House reissues as ebooks popular fiction that has gone out-of-print. We specialize in Regency, women's fiction, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense, with a sprinkling of mystery and young adult romantic suspense. Our list of authors and their ebooks includes:

Fran Baker: Once a Warrior, Seeing Stars, The Widow and the Wildcatter; coming soon: King of the Mountain, San Antonio Rose

Paula Corbett: Maid in Boston

Carola Dunn: Byron's Child, The Frog Earl, Miss Hartwell's Dilemma, Miss Jacobson's Journey, Toblethorpe Manor, Two Corinthians

Kathy Lynn Emerson: Cloud Castles, Echoes and Illusions, Love Thy Neighbor, Sleepwalking Beauty, Someday

Curtiss Ann Matlock: The Loves of Ruby Dee, Miracle on I-40

Laura Matthews: The Aim of a Lady, Alicia, A Curious Courting, Holiday in Bath, The Loving Seasons, The Nomad Harp, The Proud Viscount, The Village Spinster

Carla Neggers: The Uneven Score

David R. Pepper, M.D. (co-author): And One to Grow On

Joan Smith: Escapade, Imprudent Lady, Lace for Milady, Never Let Me Go, Oh Miranda!, Reprise, The Savage Lord Griffin, Talk of the Town

Lora Roberts Smith: Revolting Development

Elizabeth Neff Walker: An Abundant Woman, And One to Grow On (co-author), Emotional Ties, Fielding Medical Center Quartet (Heart Conditions, The Healing Touch, Fever Pitch, and The Best Medicine), Paper Tiger, Paternity

Patricia Wynn: The Birth of Blue Satan, The Bumblebroth, Mistletoe and Mischief


The Aim of a Lady 
by Laura Matthews
genre: Romance: historical romance -- Regency England
Diana Savile accidentally shot Lord Alma with an arrow, an injury requiring several weeks recuperation at the Park. Diana dutifully tried to entertain their guest -- who could not sit down. But her suitors irritated him, her curiosity intrigued him, her innocence charmed him -- and her fencing outfit undid him.

Talk of the Town 
by Joan Smith
genre: Romance: historical romance -- Regency England
Daphne Ingleside offered to help her notorious aunt write her memoirs, and half the town hastened to their door, not wishing the faded divorcée to write ill of them. The Duke of St. Felix, misinterpreting their project as a means of blackmailing his family, antagonized the sharp-witted, beautiful Daphne -- to his peril.

Echoes and Illusions 
by Kathy Lynn Emerson

genre: Romance: romantic suspense
Lauren Ryder can't explain her nightmares after seeing her own face in a four-hundred-fifty-year-old portrait in a museum. And where are the first eighteen years of her life? Adam, her law-enforcement consultant husband, searches for rational answers. But only a leap of faith can save their relationship, and Lauren's life.


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