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Ross Richdale

After a career as a teacher and principal of mainly small rural schools, Ross Richdale writes contemporary novels. He lives in the small university city of Palmerston North in the North Island of New Zealand and is married with three children. His wife Kay still carries the burden of teaching children at a local elementary school.

Ordinary people rather than the super rich, the super powerful or violent, are the main characters in his novels. He is also keenly interested in current events and uses international incidents as a backdrop for many of his novels.

When he is not writing, Ross enjoys drawing, usually on the computer. Other interests include wandering in the countryside and, in the summer, swimming in mountain streams or bounding through the rapids in a tractor tire inner tube. Many of his novels reflect his interest in the rural lifestyle as well as the cross section of personalities encountered during his years as a teacher.

genre: Thriller and Suspense
There is a cave-in at Misty Depths Catacombs, Wyoming, and newly graduated lawyer Renee Bonnet finds herself stranded with a broken leg and two strangers -- Lem, a business man, and a runaway teenager, Courtney.

The scene is set for a gripping action story as the victims learn to trust and depend on each other, not knowing whether they will survive the ordeal. All will be revealed in this electrifying romantic drama that combines the sheer force of nature with the frailty of human emotions -- greed, jealousy, passion, companionship and love. You will see the world through the characters' eyes to laugh, weep and fall in love with them. This is a rescue story that does not stop when the victims are rescued but continues, as real life does, to mould new lives for three lonely people.

The cave is the catalyst, but what happens afterwards depends on the new catalyst, Renee, who finds herself drawn into the lives of her new found companions. And her own life is altered for ever.

Out of the Azure Sea
genre: General Fiction 
It is April 1945 when U-boat U-2072 heads out of Hamburg for the last time. In its hold, the torpedoes have been replaced by gold and Nazi loot. The destination is Argentina. On board, ruthless Kapitanleutnant Falk Friedrich has brought his fiancee, Kristin Dassler.

The U-boat is attacked by American torpedo bombers off the Bahamas and sunk. Kristin finds herself in a lifeboat with three others, including Bern Munkelt, the man she is to spend the rest of her life with. They are rescued and taken to Little Toe Cay, a remote island where Kristin's adventures continue.

Intermingled with the adventure covering three generations are the romances between three generations of Kristen's family. Also, the story tells of Golden U Marina, the company Kristin and Bern start in Fort Lauderdale and build into a large enterprise over the next five decades of their lives.

Out of the Azure Sea is an adventure, a love story and the story of greed, jealousy and ruthless people as well as a family story centered around three generations of women and their loved ones. It will make the reader enthralled and enraptured by the sheer pace and excitement, common in a Ross Richdale novel.

Sandwiches and Cuckoo Clocks
genre: Romance 
Kosovar refugee Niana Bolsa is abandoned in the mountains by the Serbs to fend for herself. In freezing temperatures, the distraught woman staggers along an empty road through virgin snow. At the point of near collapse she comes across a tractor and trailer by the roadside with two terrified children hiding there. Their grandparents have been shot and their mother taken away. Determined to save the children, Niana takes them and heads for Albania. At the border she's shot and her unborn child is killed. With all records destroyed, nobody queries her right to the children and they emigrate to New Zealand.

Matt Coleman is attracted to the new tenant of his New Zealand shop, Niana Bolsa, when she opens a food bar adjacent to his antique and furniture factory. Niana is reluctant to commit herself beyond friendship and says little about her life. Eventually, friendship between Niana and Matt blossoms into an abiding and passionate love as they and Niana's foster children become a family.

But the terror so prevalent in Niana's past surfaces again -- with a vengeance. Those thought dead make a return appearance, and the Serbs track Niana to her new home, brutally exterminating her friends along the way. This incredibly fast-moving story has action to thrill you as well as romantic appeal.


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