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Circus Sammy
by Kim A. Nasr

genre: Children's: adventure series
Sammy's new adventure takes him to the circus where he expects to have fun. Unintentionally, he suddenly becomes a part of the circus instead of being a spectator.

Kim Nasr has effectively used rhyme and humor for yet another Sammy Star adventure in his series about the loveable character.
ISBN: 1-55313-150-9 (electronic)

Sammy Star: Making New Trails
by Kim A. Nasr

genre: Children's: adventure series
Sammy Star and his best friend, Randy, are back with a brand new adventure, but this time they get into some very difficult and dangerous spots. Exploring can be hazardous, as the friends discover.

Sammy Star: Making New Trails is sure to capture every reader's attention from beginning to end. Young and old alike will find it hard to put this book down before it's finished.
ISBN: 1-55313-132-0 (electronic)

Sammy Star: Mt. Marshmallow
by Kim A. Nasr
genre: Children's: adventure series
Sammy Star and his friends have a new and very dangerous adventure ahead of them -- climbing Mount Marshmallow. The challenges will be great and everyone in the group will have to work very hard to scale this mountain. They need to battle the weather and the terrain to get to the top. Will they make it?

Kim Nasr's latest Sammy Star adventure will take children on a new journey that will test their imaginations and have them worried about Sammy's safety. This is another "must read" for Sammy Star fans.
ISBN: 1-55313-184-3 (electronic)


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