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D. D. Douglass

Douglas MacArthur McNutt, writing under the pseudonym of D. D. Douglass, grew up and attended school in Louisville, Kentucky, where he attended engineering school and worked on the school paper as a reporter and editorial page writer.

During his career, he has written numerous technical and engineering papers and has addressed the national ASME board in New York City and NASA at Cape Canaveral.

Now residing in Jacksonville, Florida, he works as a consulting design engineer and writes fiction novels.

...But I Love Him
genre: Thriller and Suspense
Radio Talk Show Psychologist Lady Jane Bonaparte councils troubled telephone callers over the airwaves. Addressing moral issues ranging from Abortion, Religion, Love, and Jealousy, she offers solace and advice to most. Her messages are always direct and to the point, sometimes producing extreme reactions.

Did the Lady go too far this time? Step over an imaginary line? Did her message cause a young girl hundreds of miles away to be murdered?

A death threat is received at the radio station. Another at her home. Now an enraged killer stalks her, and a fanatic religious cult seeks her destruction.
ISBN: 1-55313-193-2 (electronic)


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