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Josť de Faria e Maya

Josť Diniz Machado de Faria e Maya's web site is at http://www.josefariamaya.com

Born October 1935, in Lisbon, Portugal. Weekend oil painter, ceramist and motorcyclist. Married to Ursula Jagemann, (German born), with two sons, Luiz and Bernardo. Graduated Mechanic and Aeronautical Engineer by the University of Lisbon. Worked all his life at Tap Air Portugal where he became a member of the Board. Wrote a book, Specks of Spirit, after retiring from TAP. In 2002, published a new book called, The Anunnaki's Children.

Specks of Spirit
genre: Religion and Spirituality
Who, When, Why, What for?

Those are the main questions Man keeps putting to himself, and for which only very few have yet found a satisfactory answer.

Let us go together in a mind journey, and see how far reasoning can take us in finding explanations to those eternal questions, and when and where do we reach our mind limit. At the same time, we will not forget the essence of the GŲdel theorem that says that in our most deep and profound reasonings we always have to start from a point that we have to accept without questioning.

This point has always to stay out of the system, and cannot be deduced, meaning there is a limit to what we can reach by our own mind.

We will be humble enough to accept our body or machine limitations, but will put no limits on our Soul, the part of God in each one of us. We will discuss the essence of the Soul, and interpret Entropy as the inverse of Godís Grace.

We will contest Darwin, and analyze evolution as a fight against Entropy, with a well-defined direction given by Godís Blow; Manís evolution feeding on Nega-Entropy, until reaching such a low value of Entropy, (Godís Constant), as to be able to enter in contact with God.

We will solve the Solipsists dilemma, and join Everett Wheeler Many Worlds interpretation. We will see how manís free will can be deduced from the Quanta Theory, and how come that even God does not know the way each World trial will ever finish.

Together we will even deduce a test capable to separate the right Messiahs from the wrong ones!

All that, and much more we will reach together, agreeing in the way in some points and not in others, but surely finding ourselves much richer at the end.

The Anunnaki's Children
genre: Religion and Spirituality
We are the Anunnakiís sons, and have been given a push in our development by those minor gods.  

We are not alone in the Universe, and there exists Entities that are more advanced than us. Those Entities have been watching us and visiting periodically our Planet.

All our Religions, that in a certain way teach basically the same, need to be reformulated, as in some cases we have been calling god some of those higher Entities.

All that, and much more, is engraved in thousand of tablets that have survived for more than 5.000 years, preserved in the best possible way, as burnt clay!

Those clay tablets were cooked by the fire of the library of Nineveh, and by that abnormal fact, were then given an extra resistance to endure time!

The big question is then, who is the Anunnakiís God? The real Universal God?


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