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Sheila Martin

Award-winning writer Sheila Martin lives with her husband, Bob, and cats Boomer and Bambi, close to the Pacific Ocean in Surrey, British Columbia.

Sheila holds an honors degree in sociology from Simon Fraser University. In 1986, Sheila and her sister, Toni Alain, co-authored and self-published a cookbook called Food from the Heart. The company they formed to publish that first book was called Sea Breeze Press.

Several years later, as Sheila was completing work on a book to help survivors of a death in the family, her sister Toni was diagnosed with brain cancer. Toni lived to celebrate the publication of that book, The Survivor's Guide, which became an instant Canadian best-seller.

In the years since, Sheila has continued to expand Sea Breeze Press, and is now focusing on converting the business into a 100% online publishing company.

Her latest venture is a new website, SuchBeautifulThings.com -- intended to be the #1 online resource for finding unique and original things for the home and garden.

A Eulogy to Remember ... in Five Simple Steps
genre: Society: death and dying
For most people, the eulogy is the hardest speech they'll ever write. A Eulogy to Remember offers specific, step-by-step suggestions that will make the writing easier.

The book includes nine sample eulogies that you can model, and a section called "The Emergency Instant Eulogy-Writer" (a fill-in-the-blanks template).

There's also advice on how to organize your thoughts, how to deliver the eulogy with confidence, and 11 funeral poems.
ISBN: 0-9692661-2-X (electronic)

How to Plan a Loving Funeral
genre: Society: death and dying
How to Plan a Loving Funeral helps you prepare ahead for the death of someone you love ... making a painful time a little easier to bear.

This downloadable book includes helpful advice on:

  • what to do when death occurs
  • how to take care of the body
  • how your friends and family can help you
  • how to plan the service
  • how to plan the burial or cremation
  • how to arrange a visitation or viewing
  • how to keep the costs down
  • how to write the obituary
  • how to make it through the service

... and more.

How to Plan a Loving Funeral comes recommended by Dr. Bernie Siegel, and includes 14 essential fill-in-the-blanks forms and checklists to make the organization of this major life event so much simpler.
ISBN 0-9692661-3-8 (electronic)


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