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Ann M. Marosy

Ann Marosy has a Bachelor of Business from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and developed a successful career in company accounting, culminating as Financial Controller of an Australian subsidiary of the famous “Noble House,” Hong Kong-based Jardine Matheson.

Ann also taught accounting at Melbourne University and the University of South Australia; established her own accountancy recruitment agency; and was a finalist in the South Australian Executive Woman of the Year 1991 award.

In recent years, Ann has worked as a senior consultant for an accounting software support firm; established her own company consulting to government agencies on the implementation of new accounting systems; and provided consultation to private clients on money management practices.

Using her financial background and personal experiences, Ann designed The Money Program to assist her clients to understand and manage the natural stages of wealth development.

The Money Program: How to Manage the 6 Stages of Wealth
genre: Business and Finance: personal finances
The Money Program is a practical guide that teaches as well as inspires readers to take charge of their finances and to become wealthy regardless of their current predicament. Based on the 6 natural laws of success, The Money Program includes a successful business formula to manage your cash flows and eliminate debt.

Money Rules: The 7 Simple Rules of Money Management
genre: Business and Finance: personal finances
Money Rules: The 7 Simple Rules of Money Management is a short concise companion book to The Money Program that reinforces the 7 essential rules of practical money management.

The Red Book: How to Expand Your Business Safely
genre: Business and Finance: business
The Red Book: How to Expand Your Business Safely is a user-friendly guide for owners, accountants and business managers on how to create a financial reporting system that solves their cash flow problems and expands their businesses safely.


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