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Peter Liney

Peter Liney has written comedy and drama for television, radio and stage in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and South Africa. Next year his first full-length feature movie will be produced -- an Anglo-German production entitled Perfect. Although based in London, he has a great love of traveling, which probably means that he's lying on a beach somewhere at this very moment, worrying that he should be writing ... Or at least worrying that he should be worrying.

Big Guy
genre: General Fiction
Clancy is an ex-heavy for the Mob, getting old, losing his strength, yet faced with the most daunting challenge of his life.

Set on a small offshore island where society now expels its garbage, human and otherwise, this all too believable tale of our future is, actually, a celebration of human life, of the fact that, no matter how bad things may get, given hope, we will always find a way to survive. 

A disturbing adventure, yet guaranteed to leave you smiling and celebrating life.
ISBN: 0-7443-0122-X (electronic)

Flying Fluffbag
genre: Children's 
Move aside Harry Potter, there's a new favorite in town.
A big, ugly outcast of a clumsy bird proves that he is the stuff of heroes and legends.
ISBN: 0-7443-0198-8 (electronic)


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