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A. J. Lee

A. J. Lee lives in Boise Idaho with his wife Sasha. Currently, he works as a clinician in a medium security prison. The Triumph Mine is his first novel. A. J. is a graduate of Seattle University and Norwich University and holds a Masters Degree in Counseling/Psychology. For the past 15 years, he has worked as an addiction counselor and mental health worker. He was employed by the Medical Center at Princeton and the former Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital. He has also held jobs as a warehouse supervisor in Saudi Arabia and as a deck hand on a barge in British Columbia, Canada. For recreation, he regularly enjoys sculling on a calm stretch of the Boise River, as well as hiking and exploring Idaho with his wife.

The Triumph Mine
genre: General Fiction
Dealing with gold, greed, love and friendship, the story of The Triumph Mine is centered on an old mine in the rugged Idaho mountains close to Sun Valley. Although believed to be a played out silver mine, the discovery of gold at the Triumph Mine catapults Jake and Dante into a life and death struggle for wealth.

The story and characters give the reader a taste of Texas oil companies and gold mining while the real Triumph Mine in Idaho is used for the setting.
ISBN: 1-55313-052-9 (electronic)

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