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Dr. Kelly Roberts

Dr. Kelly Roberts has authored several books and owns Roberts Publishing, where her company represents over sixty authors from around the world. She previously had seven books under contract with two large publishing houses. Dr. Roberts now offers these same books under her own publishing company. She has worked as a psychic criminal investigative consultant to law enforcement for over twenty years and is retired from Clinical Hypnotherapy. The URL for Roberts Publishing is http://www.robertspublishing.com.

The Haunting of Ellen
genre: Young Adult: mystery
Cody and Brandon seek summer jobs at the Van Heusen Clinic, a mental hospital established in the 1960's and partially destroyed by fire soon after, reportedly set by the nurse and now resident ghost...Ellen!

Cody has psychic talents her Detective father still can't comprehend, but they found their mark with Ellen. Now with their lives at stake, Cody must use her abilities to interpret Ellen's dire message of danger!

Path To Higher Consciousness
genre: Metaphysics 
This full ebook includes several titles packed into one: The Intuitive & Psychic, Protection & Meditation; Personal Guide Contact, Telepathy & Other Abilities; Channeling, Automatic Writing & Psychometry; Dream Interpretation; Past Life Regression; Creative Visualization...and more.

genre: Murder Mystery 
The Rosewood Asylum for the Criminally Insane...a safe haven for some, a place of horror for others.


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