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Anne Manning

Anne Manning believes she was a Texan in a previous life. Most of her books are set in her beloved Texas, where she has lived with her family since 1999. Her household also includes three persnickety cats and a ferret named Arturo.

Anne was a finalist in 1998 in Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart contest and saw that novel, Presidential Liaison, published the next year to critical acclaim. Other works by Anne Manning are Rustler's Bride, Ripples (finalist in 2001 for the EPPIE for Best Paranormal Romance), Bloodlines, and The Raven's Lady, which won the 2000 EPPIE for Best Paranormal Romance.

Anne is a member of Romance Writers of America, San Antonio Romance Writers, and EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, which she has served in many capacities, including as President.

"Romance has to be the best possible world for an optimist. There's always trouble, but there's always a happy ending. And hope for happiness is the greatest gift a writer can bring a reader," Anne says.

genre: Romance: historical romance -- 18th century America
Two ambitious young men, rivals for the love of a beautiful, spirited girl... all bound by their love for a child who carries one manís name, the other manís blood.

Colter Ahern leaves more than his sweetheart behind when he leaves his Maryland home in 1843 bound for Ireland. Not knowing the reason for her hurried marriage to his rival, Colter curses Kitty for her betrayal, even while she haunts him.

Determined to be a good wife to the man who saved her from scandal, Kitty devotes herself to her husband and their children. Yet as their son grows more and more into the image of her first love, Kitty is reminded more and more of that one beautiful night spent in Colterís arms.

Colterís return rekindles buried passions... and renews old hatreds. A deranged plan to keep them parted even after they are again free to love one another leads to murder and puts the child they all love in danger. Can Colter and Kitty save their son and at last have the life they threw away with a single nightís indiscretion? Or will a dead man succeed in keeping them apart?
ISBN: 0-7599-0292-5 (electronic)
ISBN: 0-7599-0295-X (paperback)

The Raven's Lady
genre: Romance: time travel -- paranormal
A lonely, betrayed woman... A man seeking his mate... brought together by Ireland's magic across a thousand years and a thousand miles.

Rational scientist Eibhlin Fitzgerald tries to relegate the seven-foot tall warrior to her imagination, but with his flowing black hair, his black eyes alternately burning with desire and flashing with humor, he becomes more real to her than her cheating ex-husband. Warrior horseman Brandubh mac Dougal vows no other woman will fill the emptiness of his life but the tall, lushly beautiful woman who vanished from his sight as he reached for her. Crossing a millenium, Eibhlin falls into Brandubh's arms. Then she must decide whether to return to her own time or to remain with him, to be his lady.
ISBN: 1-891020-56-0 (electronic)

genre: Romance: time travel -- paranormal
Norah Barclay finally found love in old age, only to lose it to the inevitability of death. Even as she railed at God, she knew her own choices had led her down the path which led to her sitting by the deathbed of Egan Corey as he drew his last breath. But she is not alone, even in the stillness of the night. Her grief is shared by One who can see the whole of the fabric of our lives, who decides, ". . .this time, for these two . . ." Norah has a chance to set all to rights. Can she avoid the tangled web that trapped her in a spinsterís loneliness and Egan in a forced marriage?
ISBN: 1-58200-552-4 (electronic)
ISBN: 0-7599-0269-0 (paperback)


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