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J. B. Jones

J. B. Jones grew up in a small Ohio town near the Miami and Erie Canal. As a child, she loved walking along the towpath and imaging what it was like during canal days. She was also fascinated by the eccentric characters around her and the workings of small-town life. These inspired her to write the award-winning novel of Cousin Feely. Against the background of the Miami and Erie Canal, she shows how a victim of small-town prejudice can draw on courage, found deep within, to overcome adversity and fight ignorance with truth. Jones also writes under the name of Janice Jones for young adult readers.

Cousin Feely
genre: General Fiction
It's the 50s in football-loving Grunion Glade, Ohio. Bob Junior, regular-guy-jock, wants to win a football scholarship and marry his high school sweetheart. He is not happy when his family makes him bodyguard to his cousin William, a dwarf misfit, who randomly spews out anti-football speeches that make anyone within earshot mad enough to kill him. Worse than the beatings Bob Junior suffers because of William's mouth, are the secrets from the town's past the little runt uncovers. They destroy Bob Junior's romance and could, if known, shatter the lives of everyone in town. Can Bob Junior stop William from telling the truth? Or should he help him? At what cost? Throw in murder and the legend of a haunted bridge and you have the story that won the 2002 EPPIE for Mainstream Fiction and the Word Weaving Award of Excellence.   
ISBN: 1-894841-31-X (electronic)

Secrets of a Summer Spy
genre: Young Adult
Thirteen-year-old Veronica (Ronnie) and her two best friends, Amy and Jimmy, are the "Clamdiggers." Every summer they reunite on Harbor Island for adventures. This summer, the trio seems to be falling apart because Amy and Jimmy are growing up faster than Ronnie. She finds solace in a secret friendship with the island's eccentric cat lady, an eighty-three-year-old retired concert pianist.
ISBN: 1-894841-40-9 (electronic)


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