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Joanie MacNeil

Australian author Joanie MacNeil writes short contemporary romances and the occasional short story. Her novels, published with Treble Heart Books, DiskUs Publishing and NovelBooks, Inc, are set in Australia. However, as a result of holidaying in Scotland, she couldn't resist setting two of her novels in the romantic Scottish Highlands. 

She is coordinator of the Canberra Romance Writers, a member of Romance Writers of Australia, the ACT Writers Centre, EPIC – Electronically Published Internet Connection and the Canberra Society of Editors. 

She works full time as an executive assistant and this year is studying for a Master of Arts in Editing and Publishing. Her hobbies include belly-dancing, walks along the beach, reading for relaxation, movies and catching up with friends over coffee. She hopes to travel more and to one day, live by the sea.

Home page of Joanie MacNeil: http://www.bookswelove.net/macneil.html 

Sapphire Summer 
edited by Michelle Levigne
illustrated by Lee Emory
genre: Contemporary Romance
Alexandra Jordan doesn't anticipate the challenge ahead of her when she agrees to spend the summer as a research assistant for acclaimed author David Meredith. Though aware he is visually impaired, on arrival at David's isolated coastal hideaway, Alex is both surprised and concerned over his reaction to her. 

The last thing he needs is another meddling female minder in his life! Emotionally drained by a bitter divorce and impending blindness, David feels threatened by Alex's presence in his home, his sanctuary, the only place he can be independent. Once he accepts Alex isn't like the other women, her beguiling ways soon intrigue him...until he discovers her secret. Not for the first time in his life, his emotions are shattered by deception. 

Is he willing to take a chance and trust his heart to this woman, even in the short term? 

Can Alex accept David's decision that she must get on with her life and forget about him?

Book Reviewed: I enjoyed the way that David and Alex grew separately, facing their individual adversities and becoming stronger independently so that they could more fully give their love to each other. You’ll enjoy their convoluted path to finding a happy ending. 3.5 stars ~ reviewed by Grace Atkinson, http://www.romancejunkies.com/artman/publish/article_1357.shtml 

electronic version
Treble Heart Books, 2001, ISBN: 1-931742-21-9
paperback version
Treble Heart Books, 2002, ISBN: 1-931742-21-9

Trouble or Nothing 
edited by Laurie Alice Eakes
illustrated by Ariana Overton
genre: Contemporary Romance
Men are trouble, and having a man in her life is not on Natalie Harrigan's agenda. For Natalie, the choice is simple trouble or nothing. Natalie would much rather focus on her career. The new appointment to the coveted position of CEO is her number one priority. She intends to prove the naysayers wrong -- she'll be the best CEO ever. But her younger brother's best friend has ideas of his own on how he'd like to fit into Natalie's life. 

Luke DeMarco has always loved Natalie from the moment he first set eyes on her...when he was eight years old. Now, twenty years later, she's more woman than ever, and Luke's not too worried about the difference in their ages. Surely his gentle wooing will convince Natalie that age is no barrier to love. But will Natalie allow him to move from their Boardroom to her bedroom?

Book Reviewed: A delightful romance that will please all its readers! Joanie MacNeil has taken a modern day situation and turned it into an enjoyable reading Sensation! I loved every minute I spent reading this one! Recommended. **** ~ Huntress Book Reviews, reviewed by Detra Fitch

electronic version
NovelBooks, Inc., 2001, ISBN: 1-931696-11-X
paperback version
NovelBooks, Inc., 2001, ISBN: 1-931696-88-8

A Sense of Duty 
genre: Contemporary Romance
Carefree and used to a nomadic lifestyle, Regan MacInnes returns to Braemar, Scotland to get to know his eighteen-year-old daughter, a difficult task at best. What he doesn't count on is being bewitched by Australian widow Hannah Lindsay. 

Hannah has no room for a man in her life. Her goal is to sell the bed and breakfast, her late husband's dream, and move back to Australia to be with her family. She is so focused on her plan that not even the likes of handsome and charismatic Regan MacInnes can stand in her way.

Book Reviewed: Getting a romance novel right can be very tricky, but when it is done well, as it is in A Sense of Duty, it can be a lot of fun. The style is racy and upbeat…MacNeil obviously has a healthy respect for the genre and because of this her characters shine. 4.5 stars  ~ reviewer: Ebony McKenna 

electronic version
DiskUs Publishing, 2001, ISBN: 1-58697-094-1

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