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Joan Bramsch is a family person, educator, toy designer, writer, editor and publisher in both traditional print and electronic books - ebooks. Her feature stories, interviews and articles appear in major international magazines and newspapers, both print and on the Internet. Six of her best-selling adult novels - numbering near one million copies that placed fifth to first on the Waldenbook National Best-Sellers List - have been published in ten languages for worldwide distribution. She continues to write exciting adult fiction, as well as stories for children, and how-to and parenting books. 

A veteran parent and teacher, Bramsch also serves families in 88 countries from her http://www.EmpoweredParent.com web site and via her Empowered Parenting Journal. "I am Parents' Cheerleader," says Bramsch. "I value them, right here, right now, in all they do."

Home page of Joan Bramsch: http://www.joanbramsch.com

A 9-11 Time Capsule: The first 14 days 
genre: 21st Century History
We all experienced the horror of that terrible day, September 11, 2001, when Humanity's enemies set out to make a statement to the world. Those twisted beings believed their awful plans would defeat freedom. 

How wrong they were. How wrong they are! 

This Tribute is a compilation, a reprint of Empowered Parent posts during the 14 days following 9/11. I hope it will serve a good purpose to remind us how we felt in that moment and those that followed. I know we are changed; I know we have better values today. 

This Tribute shows how we came through the fear, the terror, the worry for our children and other loved ones, and illustrates the Power we hold dear and will NOT easily release to any enemy... 

Our Freedom! 

Let me tell you about the book cover. This photograph is truly unique because it was raining, and while other photographers left, Cliff Wassmann remained to capture this amazing picture. The Light Memorial goes up, up and then spreads out upon some low clouds, shaping the light into a heart! 

Thank you with all my heart, Cliff, for the privilege of using your work.

electronic version
JB Information Station, September 2002, ISBN: 0-934334-14-5

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

Kid Safe: How To Protect Your Family From Molesters & Kidnappers
by Joan Bramsch & Pam Coronado
genre: Family: safety
Protect your child & teen by teaching survival tactics, escape techniques and more with information from experts in the field of child abduction. 

Co-written by Joan Bramsch and Pam Coronado, an experienced private investigator who specializes in finding lost and kidnapped children, the authors believe children have a right to feel safe and loved and protected. 

KID SAFE is all about being smart enough to stay safe. A Parent always hopes to keep safe his or her child and teen. This book brings home more than hype and hope. KID SAFE brings you practical solutions for real life situations. 

With Kid Safe you can learn:

  • Safety Rules

  • Survival Tactics

  • Escape Techniques

  • Intuition

  • Role-playing games. 

Information provided by top experts in the field of child abductions helps parents learn how to protect their family from molesters and kidnappers. To walk that fine line between keeping their innocence of childhood and youth and making sure they are streetwise and know the rules. 

This is not a subject that can be ignored. Your child and teen's life may depend on it!

electronic version
JB Information Station, August 2002, ISBN: 0-934334-11-0

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

Teach Me, I'm Yours: Success For Your Unique Child
genre: Educating Your Child
Increase your child's IQ while having FUN with these specially designed games, songs, exercises and lessons featuring locomotor and manipulative skills, listening, creative thinking, problem solving games and more. This 300 page ebook is for parents to give their child the skills for school success... and for life. Ideal for children aged 2 1/2 to 7 years. 

Teach Me, I'm Yours contains over two hundred fully tested lessons, games, songs and exercises for:

  • Large and small muscle control

  • Eye-hand coordination

  • Foot-hand coordination

  • Color recognition

  • Shape recognition

  • Audio, visual and tactual perception

  • Positive thinking exercises

  • Locomotor skills

  • Creative development of the imagination

  • Problem-solving

  • Memory development

  • Pre-reading and pre-writing skills

  • Behavior modification.

Written in a simple, easy to understand format, this book is the long awaited answer for you, a very busy, but conscientious, parent who wants to do the best possible job in educating her or his child. For gifted children, special needs children, and everyone in between. Fully guaranteed.

Book Reviewed: Teach Me, I'm Yours is an ideal way for parents to help their child grow in many areas ... physical fitness, body awareness, physical perception and mental alertness. It is a well-designed, effective program for all young children. By using it, the children will gain self-control and selfconfidence, which will aid their self-actualization and lay the foundation for success in school and everyday life. This program is a must for all parents of preschool and primary school-age children. ~ reviewed by Edward J. Meel, President, Media Management Services, Inc., formerly: Editorial Director, McGraw-Hill Films

electronic version
JB Information Station, June 2004, ISBN: 0-934334-00-5

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

Original Short Stories for Children & Parents
genre: Short Stories
This collection will provide hours of reading pleasure. All the positive stories for children feature
animals, history, Native American legends, the circus, and a zoo, to name only a few. The stories for parents explain how the power of the mind can move mountains, plus several humorous accounts, one about the end of WW II through the eyes of a child, and one about love in Silver Dollar City. Includes the famous story of King Neptune, "The Patriotic Pig."

electronic version
JB Information Station, January 2000, ISBN: 0-934334-02-1

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

YOU KIDS JUST WAIT Till I Get Over Being Pregnant…
genre: Parenting
Picture this: It's late afternoon. The kiddies are up and running after a lovely afternoon nap. They are rested. You, on the other hand, are not, after a long afternoon climbing Mt. Laundry, then standing over a hot ironing board. 

Finally you know that if you don't sit down you're going to fall down, so you sit, put your feet up, and sigh in blessed relief, even though the babe growing in that "special room beneath your heart" is using your ribs for monkey bars. It is then when all the up and running kiddies dash to the other end of the house and dismantle it. 

You cannot get up. You can't even sit upright. So you inhale as deeply as your ten-month watermelon will allow, whisper "Dear Lord, forgive me," then bellow... 

"You kids just wait till I get over being pregnant!" 

You Kids Just Wait is a book filled with the rollicking misadventures of two "Only" children who had five babies in five years and lived to tell the tale. 

Parents, Grandparents and all People who love children will love Joan Bramsch's tender, entertaining tale of Parenthood.

electronic version
JB Information Station, January 2000, ISBN: 0-934334-01-3

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

Abandoned For Life
by Izidor Ruckel
edited by Joan Bramsch
genre: Biography
You saw it on ABC news years ago – the shocking neglect and squalor suffered by the orphaned children of Romania. But what happened to the children after the news cameras left?

Abandoned For Life is the incredible story of Izidor Ruckel, a child who not only survived, but has now become a much sought-after public speaker.

For the first ten years of his life, this tough little guy survived when others would have simply
curled up and died. He did it by taking charge in the chaos. His instinctual determination to
survive is the reason he overcame all that he did.

In his book, Abandoned For Life, he reveals secrets never before shared with the world. Stories of house nannies who beat them with broomsticks and rock hard hands and heels of shoes. Graphic remembrances of the night when, from beneath the tattered covers of his cot, he secretly witnessed the death of another child.

This is much more than a collection of shocking stories, however. Abandoned For Life shows that hope lives on – in spite of the most horrendous situations imaginable.

Now Izidor has dreams and promises to keep. He is determined to succeed, to make his mark in America and in the World. He is also determined to keep his promise to tell the world his true story.

"No one must ever forget."

Book Reviewed: This book has moved me, horrified me, and given me hope. It should be studied by anyone involved in child welfare. Its message will stay with me forever. Izidor Ruckel is one of this century’s most remarkable heroes. ~ Christina Goldstone, author of Come to the Window, goldston@visi.net  

Abandoned for Life is a powerful and provocative insider's view of international adoption. Izidor shares the brutal truth of his experiences and invites us to explore what is really in the best interest of children. ~ Marlou Russell, Ph.D. psychologist, author of Adoption Wisdom, http://www.marlourussellphd.com 

electronic version
JB Information Station, November 2002, ISBN: 0-934334-12-9
print version
JB Information Station, May 2003, ISBN: 0-934334-13-7

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

Cater Your Way To Riche$  
genre: Business Opportunities
How many times have you been told: "You're such a terrific cook! You should be in the catering business." 

And how many times have you thought to yourself, "It could be a great experience, being a caterer." But you didn't know where to begin -- how to get clients, where to buy food, how to rent equipment or what to charge for your services. 

Cater Your Way to Riche$ aims to quickly and easily fill in all those gaps with information. Even on a part-time basis, for once in your life, you can be the boss. 

This book deals with the less demanding, less competitive, but extremely lucrative small business market that a new caterer/entrepreneur can handle from her or his own kitchen. 

Yes, for You, there is money to be made in catering! 

Good cooks who fantasize about operating a small catering home-business will learn all they need to know to start a company from their own kitchen. Fast, factual information for creative catering entrepreneurs with more ideas than $$$s.

Book Reviewed: Cater Your Way to Riche$ is the perfect plan for making your dreams of owning a successful catering business a reality. The steps are concise, thorough, and simple. Great job, Joan. You always find incredible ways to help people, especially moms. ~ Connie

Anyone who is interested in catering can't go wrong reading your book. I daresay there isn't another book out there which does such a fine job. Even someone like me who has never given catering a lot of thought could take your book and make a very successful business for themselves in just a short amount of time.  This is a must read for anyone who is interested in catering.  Outstanding job, Ms. Bramsh! ~ Cindy 

This book speaks to everyone who cooks, not just Caterers. It really helps you cater your own parties - and it does it so well. It is also great for preparing for one's own occasions and events - or volunteering to help at Church, School, Scouts, etc. even if not in the business - but just helping. Congratulations! What a winner. ~ Joyce

electronic version
JB Information Station, May 2004, ISBN: 0-934334-03-X

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

A Kiss To Make It Better 
genre: General Romance
What happens when a craft paper maker, who lives in the ground on an island after losing her mate, helps the visitor staying in the log cabin on the point, who suffers greatly because he cannot help every battered spouse or child coming to his medical practice? 

A Kiss To Make It Better is a Sizzler romance. It’s the story of burned-out Dr. Jon McCallern and artist Jenny Larson, both of whom have sought sanctuary on a peaceful lake island. Appointing herself as visiting nurse, Jenny prescribes the perfect cure - teaching Jonny how to play again! But can their newfound love survive outside their perfect retreat? 

Excerpt: He stood quietly, a few feet from the shore . . . watching. His right hand was wedged into the front pocket of his snug faded cutoffs while the long fingers of his left hand slowly pushed his aviator sunglasses to a perch atop his thick dark brown hair. A wolfish grin creased his handsome features. His amber eyes narrowed, then widened with appreciation as golden sparks lit their depths. Obviously, he liked the view and was enjoying his voyeurism immensely.

electronic version
JB Information Station, January 2000, ISBN: 0-934334-06-4

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

At Nightfall 
genre: General Romance
When a photographer's assistant comes to the mountain top to assist, the photographer wants nothing to do with her because he is embittered and afraid. But the assistant soon illustrates that she can help him more than he knows. 

Lovely Billy Theodore is just what the doctor has ordered. She arrives in reclusive Matthew Brady Duncan's life like a lightning bolt - brilliant, warm, and bursting with energy. A ray of sunlight shining through the darkness. 

This sizzling outrageous romance begins as an eating contest for lovers when Billy Theodore finds herself under attack by a laughing Matthew Brady Duncan. And then the fun begins!

electronic version
JB Information Station, March 2000, ISBN: 0-934334-07-2

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

The Light Side 
genre: Contemporary Romance
When a claustrophobic party clown gets trapped in a stuck elevator, hysteria rises along with all her helium balloons, till a Superman cop, dressed in jogging gear, leaps to her rescue. Both have secrets that need healing; both find the way to love through the maze of this funny, sensuous romance. 

Excerpt: The sudden bone-jarring stop propelled her into the corner of the cubicle, and she knew. She knew. The elevator was stuck. She was stuck in the elevator. Trapped! Wild-eyed, fighting the hysteria rising in her throat, Savena held her white-knuckled fist against her mouth. If she didn’t start screaming, she theorized, then she wouldn’t have to worry about trying to stop. Shuddering, utterly determined to master her overpowering fear, she drew a long breath. Fuming indignation became her weapon. "Well! This shoots to hell seven months of intensive therapy . . . not to mention enough money to buy a new van,” she muttered darkly. “Dear Dr. Winkle. Wait till I get my hands around your scrawny turkey neck. ‘Ah, Ms. Alexander,’” she mimicked in his old raspy voice. “ ‘Your claustrophobia is cured. You will never be bothered by it again. I am certain.’"

electronic version
JB Information Station, January 2000, ISBN: 0-934334-08-0

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

The Sophisticated Mountain Gal 
genre: General Romance
Crissy secretly observed the newcomer. He stood at the edge of the circle of tourists she was regaling with a humorous word picture of life in the Ozark Mountains. After several months in her official capacity as Silver Dollar City’s storyteller, she still felt a deep satisfaction when she heard the appreciative chuckles and outright laughter at her down home tales. In just seven days her job would be over, because the amusement center closed for the season. She’d miss playing her mountain gal character, Tulip Bloom. 

In her role of Tulip, Crissy could be as outspoken as she wanted to be. At once she decided to go into her flirting routine, sure that the rest of the crowd would enjoy her antics. Shyly she reached out to stroke the newcomer’s cheek. “You shore is purty, mister,” she drooled audaciously, turning her head to wink broadly at the chuckling crowd around her. But what happens next takes even Crissy by surprise, as the newcomer is none other than entrepreneur James Robert Prince III, who has moved from NYC to follow his dream of creating sturdy, old-fashion toys for children. 

This playful, sizzling romance is definitely memorable!

electronic version
JB Information Station, March 2000, ISBN: 0-934334-05-6

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

The Stallion Man 
genre: General Romance
When a drenched music teacher who moonlights as a nightclub banjo player and jazz singer collapses into the seat of the wrong car during a rainstorm, she encounters the other occupant with interest, arousal, then recognition. The Stallion Man! A tumultuous love story between Hooker Jablonski, real life model for Stallion cologne, and Juliet McLane. What happens when the promise behind his commercials is suddenly, passionately real? It’s a Sizzler surprise!

Excerpt: The expensive fragrance he was wearing was unmistakable. 

“Once a woman experiences its seductive essence, she will never forget the man,” he said. Then he looked at her with those dark smoldering eyes, giving her a thrill that went all the way down to her toes. She gulped in startled recognition. Hooker Jablonski. Of course! 

“Oh . . . my . . . gosh! You’re the Stallion Man!” 

Hooker ruffled her wild curls and looked down with quiet approval into eyes that were bluer than any he’d ever seen. “Right the first time, little darlin.' Now can you understand why I’m wearing a beard? I have an opportunity to work in a field I’ve been wanting to enter for a long time. Promise you won’t blow my cover?”

electronic version
JB Information Station, January 2000, ISBN: 0-934334-09-9

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

With No Reservations 
genre: Contemporary Romance
In this Sizzler romance, Hotel executive Ann Waverly’s orderly world turns upside down when an unkempt stranger with torn clothes arrives late one evening seeking a room. Though he keeps secrets, he awakens in Ann a longing so powerful, she is stunned. She wants to trust this mystery man, but his story makes her suspicious, and yet the passion they share conquers all and he steals her heart! 

Excerpt: Jeffrey Madison appeared to be dead on his feet. Then he turned to her, and his gaze seemed to chill and boil at the same time. She forgot her compassion because the hair on the back of her neck suddenly stood at attention. Unable to break away from his furious glare, she was glad that a high marble counter separated her body from his. 

Jeffrey Madison studied the woman who was keeping him from his bed. Her dark hair was pulled back into a neat, smooth bun and her blue eyes were shielded by expensive-looking glasses. She used a minimum of makeup, and her navy blue uniform was adorned only by her name tag. Ann Waverly, it said. He intended to remember that name. Forever!

electronic version
JB Information Station, January 2000, ISBN: 0-934334-10-2

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

Ebon's Mate 
genre: Contemporary Romance
When shots zing into the crystal blue waters, Heather believes her brother-in-law is trying to kill her, while Nicholas knows it must be the stalker who has threatened him for several months. What a way to renew a friendship with someone Heather hasn’t seen for years! This delightfully touching, sexy, humorous romance/mystery takes readers into the lives of Nicholas, the college English professor who has become a famous best-selling murder mystery writer, and Heather, who only came back to Point Lookout for a weekend getaway. Their ribald sense of humor helps them over the bumps of life as they build their relationship, but how will they get away from the stalker?

electronic version
JB Information Station, August 2004, ISBN: 0-934334-15-3

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

Chilled Run
genre: Science Fiction: near future

Corporate moguls. Terrorists. Greed. Murder. Now, imagine instead a world where everyone is equal. Prejudice and child-abuse have been erased from the face of the earth. Or have they?

Forming intense strategic alliances in their endeavors to make the planet a better place for everyone, the main characters from around the world adopt an extreme plan. Combining native knowledge/lore with politics, ecology, a telecommunicating dolphin, and subversive intrigue, Bramsch shares a sci-fi adventure/romance that keeps the pages turning right to the very end. 

Book Reviewed: No, no, this will never do. I can't stand to be left hanging. It's one of those stories that grabs you in the first page or two. More, more, I'll anxiously await the next chapter. This is truly great. ~ A TX Reader of the serialized version 

Your book Chilled Run would be on the New York Times Best Seller list had you published it traditionally. You are truly a remarkable writer. ~

Book reviews and author interviews by Lisa Hurley (for Tracy's Book Reviews), C. Hope Clark (for Word Wrap), Linda Eberharter (for Atlantic Bridge Publishing): http://www.joanbramsch.com/reviews/chilledreviews.shtml

electronic version
JB Information Station, May 2000, ISBN:

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

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