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Jennifer Hyrcha

Jennifer Hyrcha is a devoted Christian lady, a 37-year-old single Mom of three young children. She dedicated her heart and life to Jesus several years ago during the midst of an abusive marriage. During that dark time, she chose to let Him who gave her life share in every aspect of that life to be her very best friend through her good times and her not so good. She had spent her life up until then struggling in her own human strength to get through many different situations and then at that lowest point, she realized she so desperately needed a kind of help that she had never looked for before. She was so tired from fighting life's battles alone and that's when she gave it up and looked to God and let Him in. This turned out to be the best decision she has ever made!
Jennifer has always enjoyed writing and communicating through the written word. She acknowledges this as a gift from God and writes her books to be obedient to Him in sharing the good news of His mighty works, His word, His faithfulness and His provision.
In the books that Jennifer has written, she shares her own life experiences with her readers and gives them encouragement in dealing with their own struggles. Her books are available in both hard copy and ebook format, and include The Soulful Solution: Freedom From Food Addiction, Excess Weight and Unwellness, and Torn By Addiction: There is Hope.
Jennifer's website at http://www.thesoulfulsolution.com, which was launched in 2003, has a chat room for each of her books where readers can come and share their experiences and encourage each other as they deal with their struggles. There is also a free writing, "Raising the Children God has Entrusted to Our Care," which can be downloaded directly from her website.

The Soulful Solution: Freedom From Food Addiction, Excess Weight and Unwellness
genre: Health: weight loss
In The Soulful Solution, Jennifer Hyrcha shares the story of her long personal struggle with her weight and how finally it was Jesus that set her free from that bondage. In this book she shows you the only real way to lose your weight problem for good, the only truthful way to ensure life-long success in establishing and maintaining healthy habits that will vitalize you forever! God has changed her existence in a very big way. The Lord has used Jennifer's different personal struggles to strengthen her spiritually, to bring her ever closer and into greater dependence on Him and to witness to His other children in powerful and meaningful ways. Her writing is intended to provide a message of encouragement to food addicts and the weight challenged, as well as to provide a message of salvation. This book is for the weight challenged as well as just the nutritionally challenged; and it is written for Christians and non-Christians alike.
ISBN: 0-9732734-2-9 (electronic)  
ISBN: 0-9732734-0-2  (paperback)
publisher: self

Torn By Addiction: There is Hope 
genre: Health: substance abuse
Torn By Addiction is the heartfelt story of a family's suffering from one member's addiction to drugs. As they share their experience, learn how they found peace and healing for their hearts and how, if you are struggling through a similar situation, you can too. 
Jennifer's brother, the middle child of three in a regular, middle-class North American family, suffered from an addiction to crack cocaine. The awful discovery of her sibling's addiction, and all of the committed efforts her family made to help him as they watched him repeat the cycle of recovery-relapse, was nothing short of heart-wrenching and devastating to each member of her family. The pain his drug use caused the people who love him is extensive; and as well, observing the destruction this addiction wreaked on his own life was most difficult and painful to see. Jennifer wrote this book as a way to reach out and share her family's story of both struggle and healing with others who may be suffering through a similar situation with someone they love; and she shows you how out of this pain and brokenness can come peace and wholeness.
It is Jennifer's prayer that whoever is currently in the midst of this type of difficulty with a loved one will, by reading this book, discover a joy in their own heart regardless as to the actions their addicted loved one takes or does not take, as well as learn practical steps they may employ that can help work toward the true healing of the one they love.
ISBN: 0-9732734-3-7 (electronic)    
ISBN: 0-9732734-1-0 (paperback)
publisher: self

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