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Joyce Hunt

Joyce Hunt is an author of children's and young adult books. This is her first ebook. It is available through Adventure Book Publishers: www.puzzlesbyshar.com/adventurebooks.

The Voice of Daria
genre: Young Adult: mystery
The Voice of Daria is a young adult mystery. When Susanna Dean's stepbrother, Christo, is suspected of murdering Daria Engle in Lawrenceville, his dad insists Christo stay with his new family in Hinestown until the case is resolved. From the start Susanna does not trust Christo. When a Hinestown girl disappears, Susanna is terrified with Christo living in her home. Despite her fears, Susanna's determined nature and family loyalty drive her to work to solve the murder. In the process, Susanna comes dangerously close to paying dearly for her resolve. The Voice of Daria is great reading for youth and young adults who enjoy a compelling mystery.
ISBN: 1-55313-148-7 (electronic)

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