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Hugh McFarland

Hugh McFarland spent twenty years as a Freemason rising to be Master of his Lodge. He left soon after and then spent the next ten years trying to make sense of it all. His book Freemasonry Inside-Out provides a unique insight into this secretive organization and provides for the first time answers to questions that the public and many Masons themselves have been asking for almost 300 years.

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Freemasonry Inside-Out, A New Angle on Masonic Secrets 
genre: Religious Cults
This sensational new analysis of the Masonic brotherhood examines the basic question asked for almost 300 years by the general public and surprisingly by many masons themselves, "If Freemasonry is simply a fraternal and charitable organization, why is there an almost fanatical obsession with secrecy and mysterious rituals?"

You won’t find any fanciful theories here about ancient mystical secret societies, devil worship or world domination, but a conclusion that perhaps we've all been hoodwinked by one of the longest running pyramid scams the world has known.

Book Reviewed: "Freemasonry Inside-Out" is an authoritative, well argued, comprehensively sourced and an extremely well written account of the "possible" dark side of Freemasonry. However, the sobering quality of the cogent arguments makes for healthy self-questioning, introspection and a vital examination of ones own motives and intentions. What "Freemasonry Inside-Out" did do is keep me up all night reading it voraciously. Well written and argued it is. What is has also done is make we rethink, and a period of reflection will direct my thoughts to closer examination of the ritual and what I am doing it all for. ~ Lewis Warden, Snr.

Excellent work on many levels! Excellent research, excellent reasoning, even though much data is presented the argument is very focused, and the point and ultimate subject is of no secondary importance to anyone - a wake up call to re-examine the doctrines that many have been taking for granted. ~ Adrian Phillips

electronic version
Self-published, January 2004, ISBN: 1-933047-16-X

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