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Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill is an award-winning author in fantasy fiction, and also is published in the sensual romance genre. To view more information on her current and upcoming works, go to http://www.storywitch.com

Guardian of the Continuum
genre: Fantasy: contemporary fantasy
The earth is dying. That's not a news flash to Rob, or to anyone in the 20th century. His generation has grown up with a resigned humor to the situation. But dreams never die. Deep in his heart, buried so he doesn't have to get embarrassed about it, Rob still wants the experience of loyal friends and a love that never ends. He wants a dare-to-be-great situation. When Adam Al-Aziz comes to Havenwood College, he gets it.

Rob expects his new roommate will need indoctrination into the social requirements of college life -- drinking, lying to women and rolling out of bed five minutes before class. But Adam is not a college student. He is the spiritual leader of a world whose job it is to protect all worlds, including Earth. Two priestesses of Adam's world have disappeared on Earth, and they are the key to the apocalypse that will bring mankind's time to an abrupt end. Rob thought the hardest task he was going to face this year was mid-terms. Instead he has to help Adam save the world. It's going to be a rough semester.

Correen, another Havenwood student, expected to attend college, quietly get her degree in Naturopathy, and disappear again. She did not expect to fall in love with Adam Al-Aziz. When she realizes she will follow him into danger without a thought for her own life, she is frightened. When she realizes that the fate of the world may hang on the healing of her soul, she is terrified. She believes the secret her soul carries cannot be healed. She does not know the power of a Guardian's love.
ISBN: 1-931761-01-9 (electronic)


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