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Harvey Mendez

Harvey is a pharmacist licensed in three states. Moved from Southern California to Arkansas in 1999. Married to Ann. Has written three novels, several short stories, poems, and a screenplay. Has been published in all of them and they have won national contest honors. Belongs to the Lagunita Writers Group in Laguna Beach, California and the Cherokee Village Writers Group in Arkansas. Just finished Red Earth, to be published soon.

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by Harvey Mendez and Christie Shary
edited by Debi Staples
genre: Action and Adventure
Thirty years after Amelia Earhart vanishes in the Pacific, Vincent Carlson, ex-CIA and designer of her spy plane, still searches for the answer to her disappearance. His obsession with A.E. changes when Amelia Adams, a young, mysterious Amerasian linked to A.E. by more than name, walks into his life. She spurs his passion, but accuses him of killing her father, Vincent's chief mechanic at Lockheed. 

Forced into an explosive liaison, their plight turns deadly when Ito, master spy and Vincent's enemy, spins a web of terror and treachery. Their search for the real killer takes them from Brisbane, Australia, to the Coral Sea and Saipan. Each time they tighten the net, the killer cuts through it, thrusting Vincent and Amelia into more peril.

electronic version
SynergEbooks, Inc., June 2002, ISBN: 0-7443-0345-1
paperback version
SynergEbooks, Inc., October 2002, ISBN: 0-7443-0411-3

by Harvey Mendez
edited by Debi Staples
genre: Young Adult: adventure
In this haunting tale of Old California, thirteen-year-old Ramon Montiel strives to save his beloved bull, Toro, from a fight with a captured marauding grizzly bear, a battle he knows would end in certain death for Toro. 

At Rancho Ortega, Ramon has raised Toro as his pet, not as a fighting bull, but when he meets Betsy Crowley, the pretty neighbor girl, trouble begins. Her mother forbids them to see each other and her father, the Padrone's banker, calls in the rancho's mortgage. But the Padrone has no money. To save the rancho, he orders a moneymaking fight between Toro and the grizzly. Devastated, Ramon pleads with the Padrone that Toro is too tame. His pleas go unheeded. Toro must fight the bear.

electronic version
SynergEbooks, Inc., November 2003, ISBN: 0-7443-0721-X
paperback version
SynergEbooks, Inc., November 2003, ISBN: 0-7443-0724-4

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