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Stephen L. Harris

Stephen currently resides in Pennsylvania where he and his dog Casey can be found hiking the many trails that traverse his region. An avid outdoorsman, he still finds time to write while maintaining a full time employment in the wine industry. Look for his second novel, Shooter, to soon reach the reading public.

genre: Science Fiction: space opera
4142 is a newly discovered world inhabited by a small colony of lovable characters. Among the most brazen of the lot is a marooned Hawley Page, a space rogue and ex-sailor thrust into the harsh environs of the planet. Together with the other scientists and soldiers, they face a daily battle to protect the crop of antemelons, a versatile fruit for the ages, from marauding bands of goripions, an indigenous beast with a deadly punch.

Through such encounters, earlier colonists met their fates but not their Maker for, in all its virgin magnificence, 4142 has no portals established for souls to pass on to higher or lower planes. The result is numerous sightings of ghosts by the intrepid explorers and the arrival of Benjamin, a demoted lieutenant of Satan's army, to claim the wandering spirits for Hell before Heaven can intrude on their behalf. Along the way, the humans make his visit extremely uncomfortable.

4142 is a mystery, an adventure and a classic battle between good and evil. It is also a fast and fun read for sci-fi fans and mainstream readers alike.
ISBN: 1-55313-082-0 (electronic)


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