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Chris Hare

A published author of screenplays, short stories, plays, humor columns and a children's book, Chris has garnered merits in two major screenwriting contests, in addition to publication in local newspapers.

In her professional spare time, Chris serves as senior copywriter for one of the top ten direct response agencies in southern California. During her seven-year tenure as a Web/direct mail writer, she has written hundreds of campaigns for such organizations as: eToys, LOIS/EJL Advertising, NASA, VeriSign, Hitachi, Nextel, Princess Cruises, Avon and RadioWebStuff.

A Place for a Black Cat
genre: Children's: Halloween stories
Pulled right out of a boiling cauldron by an evil Witch, a newborn black kitten immediately questions her place in the world when she is forced into an agreement to fulfill her duties as a true black cat.

Must she resign herself as a bearer of evil and bad luck just because of the color of her fur, or can she be herself despite this culturally ingrained typecast?

Suited for all ages, A Place for a Black Cat delightfully details the journey to lay to rest the lingering perceptions and negative connotations attributed to black cats with humor and thoughtful insight.
ISBN: 1-55313-214-9 (electronic)
publisher: Adventure Book Publishers


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