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Chris Grover

Chris was born in London, England, and now lives in the Niagara region of Canada with her husband and their two Persian cats. She has traveled extensively in continental Europe and likes to write what she most enjoys reading: stories with a European background and a police officer as a major character. Police procedures in another country often require careful research, but Chris has been fortunate in this regard. An inquiry she sent to Scotland Yard was passed to a detective with thirty years experience in British CID, so "checking the facts" is no longer the problem it once was.

Her first full length romantic suspense Where's Michelle? takes place in England and will be published by Amber Quill Press in February 2003. Her second book, which is set in Paris, France, will also be published by Amber Quill in May 2003.

She has recently completed a paranormal novella for inclusion in a holiday anthology, and is now working on a mystery series involving a woman from Las Vegas and a British CID officer.

Visit Chris' web site at http://www.chrisgrover.ca

Where's Michelle?
genre: Romance: romantic suspense
Other than the fact he was English, Julie Leighton knew nothing about her late husband. Then he died and Julie received a call inviting her and her nine-year old daughter, Michelle, to visit his parents in England. Shortly after their plane lands at Heathrow, Michelle disappears.

Posing as a fellow passenger to gain Julie's confidence, Detective Inspector Simon Winter offers to help find Michelle. In actual fact, Simon works for a special undercover unit formed to protect members of the British government from harm, and he's had Julie under surveillance from the moment her plane landed. According to information received by Scotland Yard, Julie's late husband was blackmailing a prominent British politician and they believe Julie intends to pick up where her husband left off.
ISBN: 1-59279-073-9 (electronic)
ISBN: 1-59279-957-4 (paperback)
publisher: Amber Quill Press

Without a Clue
: Romance: romantic suspense
Nine months ago, within hours of purchasing a valuable antiquarian diary for their grandfather, Paula Sinclair's brother, Eric, was killed by a car bomb and the diary disappeared.

Private investigator Luc Dupré and the French police insist the diary was destroyed in the explosion, but Paula isn't convinced. No trace of either the diary or Eric's briefcase was found in the rubble, so she believes the diary was stolen. Unfortunately, the diary wasn't insured and with the bank still owed half a million dollars, Paula cannot sit idly by and watch her beloved grandfather forced into bankruptcy.

Following a mysterious phone call and a series of cryptic postcards, Paula returns to Paris to hear the diary is being offered for sale by secret auction. She's also learned the diary once belonged to Luc's family, and when her relationship with Luc changes from business to personal, she's positive he's using her to get the diary back.
ISBN: 1-59279-080-1 (electronic)
ISBN: 1-59279-925-6 (paperback)
publisher: Amber Quill Press


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