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Kelly Gamble 

Born in Baxter Springs, Kansas, Kelly S. Gamble has lived all over the United States, thereby exposing her to a world of different cultures and beliefs. These experiences are evident in her writing, through the development of diverse characters in various family settings.

Gambleís love of reading, scuba diving and history is only outweighed by her dedication to her family. "They are my muses, my inspiration, my strength and the true joys in my life, without whom none of my dreams are possible." She lives with her husband, Joe, two sons, Dillon and Theron, and two stepsons, Kelly and Corey.

Kelly S. Gamble is an established freelance writer with articles and short stories published in several national magazines.  She works as a Quality Assurance Manager in Henderson, Nevada, where she now makes her home. 

The Dreamkeepers: Saving the Senoi 
genre: Young Adult: fantasy
How can we dream about places we have never been, and people we have yet to meet? Do dreams really come from our own semi conscious mind, or does a sleep world exist that consists of Dreamkeepers, who help construct our dreams? In The Dreamkeepers: Saving the Senoi, Morty, Jay and Phoebe discover the truth, and begin their adventure as Dreamkeepers in training.

Dreams can be very powerful and the responsibility that has been given them is one that they arenít sure they want. But they have no choice. Dreamkeepers are predestined and it is not something that can be disregarded. They must either accept the responsibility or become Waywards, those who wander the dream world causing nightmares.

The three friends must discover in their diverse ancestry why they are Dreamkeepers, what their particular "jobs" in the dream world will be, and at the same time, try to save the dying culture of the Senoi tribe of Malaysia through the dreams of a young boy named Reni. With the help of their teachers, they must overcome their fears, understand their strengths and learn about their selves as well as their ancestors. 

And the truth isnít always easy to accept.


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