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FrancisIsidore Electronic Press is a small house devoted to publishing faith-based fiction in a variety of genres, from romance to science fiction to mystery. Three of our books were nominated for EPPIE Awards, and one for the Dream Realm Awards. Our books are available in HTML format for easy reading. Visit us at http://www.livelywriter.com for information on our books and free titles.

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Leaps of Faith 
edited by Karina and Rob Fabian
illustrated by Kathryn Lively
genre: Christian Science Fiction
How will the Christian/Catholic faith grow as science opens new horizons in time, space and technology? What does the future hold for Christianity, the Church, and her faithful? FrancisIsidore Electronic Press ponders these questions with this collection of compelling science fiction with an inspirational slant. A young woman joins a convent dedicated to ministry in outer space, an impatient time-traveler seeks to make contact with Moses, a priest in the future contemplates whether or not synthetic beings should receive sacraments...these are among the fifteen stories available for your enjoyment in Leaps of Faith.

Book Reviewed: 5 out of 5 Stars from Scribes World Reviews! "Karina and Robert Fabian merge science and faith in an anthology of fifteen Christian science fiction stories that ignites our imaginations." 

"Leaps of Faith is a magnificent collection of Christian science fiction stories. Karina and Robert Fabian have given fifteen original stories their chance in the spotlight. Each is a treat of an innovative character struggling to survive in a troubled society, or put through a test of faith." ~ Belinda Palmer, author of Exiled Treasure

electronic version
FrancisIsidore Electronic Press, November 2003, ISBN: 0971660328

by Lynden Rodriguez
edited by Kathryn Lively
illustrated by Kathryn Lively
genre: Christian Science Fiction
The mining colony at Drumwall Fortress on the planet of Cumaro was the ideal assignment: pristine, wild, and beautiful. There was, however, one deadly flaw -- Lord Banyon, the local tribal chieftain of the Mautlaut, a man the colonists knew better than to cross. Two years prior to Father Andrew Zamora's arrival to serve as colony chaplain, his predecessor disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Now, a Mautlaut runner has brought a message from Lord Banyon -- written in faultless English. Could Father Menlo, the man Father Andrew replaced, still be alive? If so, what does it mean for Drumwall?

Book Reviewed: "Drumwall is a well-written tale of the humanity that exists in each person. [Author] Rodriguez creatively and smoothly infuses religion, science fiction, and discovery." ~ eBook Reviews Weekly 

"Drumwall is a captivating tale that thrusts an unsuspecting, confident priest into an alien world, where the fabric of his faith is challenged." - 4 stars from Timeless Tales

electronic version
FrancisIsidore Electronic Press, November 2003, ISBN: 0971660336

Murder Most Trivial 
by Kathryn Lively
edited by Kathryn Lively
illustrated by Kathryn Lively
genre: Mystery: detective fiction - American cozy
Norfolk high school senior Jason Greevey seems to think so. When winning contestants from a local restaurant's trivia contest begin turning up dead, runner-up Jason worries that he will be the next weakest link! Determined to beat the clock and find the killer first, Jason recruits his friends for a citywide chase, going so far as to interview potential witnesses and crash a victim's shivah. His actions hardly meet the approval of his father, not to mention local authorities, but Jason is intent on solving the trivia contest murders, and therefore preserve the future he has yet to reveal to family and friends.

Book Reviewed: "Set in Norfolk, the author has created a pleasant, descriptive background with a definite modern flavor." ~ eBook Reviews Weekly 

"Murder Most Trivial is a good read." ~ All About Murder

electronic version
FrancisIsidore Electronic Press, June 2003, ISBN: 0971660360
paperback version
FrancisIsidore Electronic Press, November 2003, ISBN: 0971660387

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