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Joe Faust

The author Joe Faust, as an actor, spent many years in Los Angeles working in TV, film, and national commercials. He now lives in the beautiful pines of Prescott, Arizona. Joe is accompanied in his writing endeavors by his lovely wife, two dogs, and two cats.

Joe has turned his experience in character study to the written page with mystery novels. His first book published is titled 48 Hours of the Serpent. He now follows with Tragedy at Tangle Creek.


48 Hours of the Serpent
genre: Mystery: murder mystery
Simon Horn makes the mistake of leaving the real world and driving into a town lost in time. In his search for a gas station he drives into the small town of "Prosperity." He's the stranger in town, and as such is drawn into a nightmare of murder, deception, and prejudice. He unwittingly becomes a murder suspect. Simon is now a hunted man with no one to turn to. He must hide in the shadows where he fights to stay alive and escape the time warp he's caught in.

Will he learn the true identity of the murderer and win the game? That is the mystery to be solved.

Think the next time before you leave the busy highway and stop in a small, isolated, town. You are a stranger; could you become an innocent victim?
ISBN: 0595724752 (electronic)

Tragedy at Tangle Creek
genre: Mystery: murder mystery
Murder and revenge are ingredients that when combined spell tragedy for the unsuspecting characters who arrive for the summer at the posh Tangle Creek Guest Ranch. The residents of two small Wyoming towns in the vicinity of the ranch are also drawn into the deadly mix, which knows no economic boundaries. Both diamonds and denim are thrown into the steaming caldron. What lives will end in tragedy? What lives will travel on untouched? That is the mystery to be solved. When Virgil Guthrie is released from prison he arrives back in Wyoming filled with hate and revenge. His actions set in motion a series of deadly events. Hank Overton and Will Morgan return to the guest ranch for the summer and are pulled into Guthrie's world of death. Hank, and a reluctant Will, become amateur sleuths as they stumble from one tragedy to another. A list of colorful characters are caught up in the maze as Guthrie bedevils the countryside. When Hank finally unravels all of the murder and deception, a shock awaits the two sleuths.
ISBN: 0595724779 (electronic)


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