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Tony L. Ellis

I was born in Houston, Texas, September 24, 1957 to Shirley and Ted Ellis. I went to various schools in the Houston area, including Jersey Village HS where I joined Junior ROTC. At 18, I joined the U.S. Navy and went on to become a MM1(SS) specializing in engineering aboard nuclear submarines. During my active duty, I worked with Department of Defense Police which gave me the experience to manage Security Guard Companies for several years after my leaving the Navy in 1988. My interest in computers grew in the early 90s when I worked for Egghead Software, in Houston. In 1992, I bought my first 386 computer and began to study, repair and upgrade it. In 1995, I opened Majik Computers and in 1996 Majik Net. At Majik, I custom built PCs and provided local Internet services. After about seven years, I decided to sell the store and ISP and to open Majik Consultants. Now I am giving others the benefit of my years of experience in building, repairing and upgrading computers in the "real world." My website is http://www.majikconsultants.com.

Practical Guide to Buying a Computer
genre: Science and Technology: computers
Get the computer you want without all the things you don't! Majik Consultants' Practical Guide to Buying a Computer takes you through several steps, leading you through the process of choosing options and features, with emphasis placed on what suits your specific needs. Included are shopping guides for you to take comparison notes about computers you see on sale, as well as examples of what you can expect in an "off-the-shelf" versus a "custom-built" computer. Finally, we help you decide which system to purchase so you have the computer YOU WANT and not what some salesperson talked you into buying! Whether you are a first-time-buyer or a technician, if you are looking for a new computer, this guide is for you.


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