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Lee A. Eide

I live in a southern suburb of Minneapolis and am married to a lovely woman named Amy. We have five pets that we share our home with: two dogs (Indy and Bear), two cats (Nick and Morty) and a rabbit named Snoops. My day job is as a collector/customer financial services rep for Emerson Process Management. I also work part-time at a liquor store. In addition to the three novels, my publishing credits include a feature-length article published in a national magazine -- Referee -- in August 1997, and daily mediation in The Upper Room (Christian publication) in June 1999. My current focus is on screenplays and copywriting but I also have a fourth novel, Intersection With Eternity, that I am trying to find a literary home for.

The Darkness Below
genre: Horror
Victoria Mayfield accesses a parallel world through a string of lucid dreams. She follows a Jesus-like figure as he treks through the desert wastelands to find the truth of his possible divine birth. In our world, two of Victoria's childhood friends maybe the masterminds of an international vampire-worshipping cult.
ISBN: 0-87714-408-7 (electronic)

Dead Man's Plan
genre: Thriller and Suspense
Lee Wyatt leaves his unfaithful wife and listless accounting career and sets off on a spiritual trek. He ends up in the small, historically significant town of Dying Tree, SD. Here he tries to save the tourist town from financial ruin wrought by the town's most famous native son, Hollywood movie star Ricky Manning. Marathon bike ride, beautiful Native American woman, peyote-aided journey into prehistoric times, murder, death, life after death, meeting with Jesus and reincarnation in a most unexpected form - it's all there.
ISBN: 0-87714-568-7 (electronic)

Agent of Darkness
genre: Science Fiction
Aspiring novelist's tale of ritual murder seeps into the writer's real world. The writer, Jake Hankinson, traces the source of the evil to a high school friend turned casket salesman.
ISBN: 0-87714-609-8 (electronic)


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