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Barbara Clark

"All dreams lie beyond defeat." That quote by an unknown author has inspired Barbara Clark to keep writing and creating new stories set in a variety of locations. Her books range from the coast of southern California to a glittering penthouse in New York City, a working cattle ranch in Arizona, the romance and challenge of the Sahara Desert, and the heat and danger of a Brazilian Rain Forest. Her readers have come to expect deep emotions, simple joys, and heart-stopping peril in her award-winning books.  

Barbara was born in San Diego. After living in several other states, she returned to California where she taught elementary school until 1993. She and her husband live in Orange County where she feeds the wild birds, delights in their grandchildren, and writes.

Tears of the Hawk
genre: Romance: paranormal romance
This is Book 1 of the paranormal series, Sons of Earth and Wind.

Security specialist Hawk Adams will brave any danger to protect a woman, but he'll never trust one. So when he rescues Charity Starr from kidnappers, he's stunned by the tenderness and passion she ignites in him.

Born with psychic gifts, Charity has locked them away in self-protection. Hawk not only opens her paranormal abilities, but also expands them. Because of his unconscious ability, his very presence endangers her life. But as Hawk takes on the self-appointed task to protect Charity from her ruthless enemies, they grow closer, and Hawk learns he can't protect his wounded heart from her healing love.

ISBN: 1-59279-001-1 (electronic)
ISBN: 1-59279-989-2 (paperback)
publisher: Amber Quill Press

Emerald Heat
genre: Romance: romantic suspense
After four years of believing his wife, Lily, had died in an airplane crash, Jim Wolfe is stunned to see her at an airport in Los Angeles. Determined to learn why she hadn't contacted him, Jim follows Lily to a small country in South America ruled by her grandfather.  

Lily, determined to do anything to protect Jim and their child, plays a delicate game of deception. She allows her ruthless grandfather to believe she will obey him in all things. When she foils her grandfather's plan to kill Jim, she's swept away in a flooding river.

Together, Lily and Jim struggle against the Brazilian Rain Forest and men seeking to kill them. But will they be able to survive the horrors, the intrigue, the terror of this chaotic adventure in a steamy foreign land and still retain their unstoppable passion?
ISBN: 1-59279-000-3 (electronic)
1-59279-988-4 (paperback)
publisher: Amber Quill Press

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