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Luigi Cappel

Luigi Cappel is an international speaker, consultant and writer best known as an evangelist in the area of wireless computing. He has presented at more than 50 seminars and conferences including presiding as co-chair at Customer Contact World Africa in 2002.

Cappel's articles have been published in many magazines including a period where he was technology writer for retail trade magazine Counter Action.

Luigi runs classroom courses for corporations and individuals for users of Palm and Pocket PC devices (including Smartphones) that focus not only on how to use the devices, but more importantly why. He also presents workshops and seminars on topics such as sales and service workforce automation. He consults to many organizations in the industry including telecommunications providers, hardware distributors, software developers and corporations. Cappel is a founding member and past president (elect) of the New Zealand Wireless Data Forum.

Cappel is author of Unleashing the Road Warrior, an ebook for users or intending purchasers of PDAs, Smartphones and handheld computers. Where most books focus on what buttons to push, his are more focused on how to obtain real value at a business and personal level from wireless and mobile computing.

For more information, visit his web site at http://www.smartphoneacademy.co.nz or email luigi@smartphoneacademy.co.nz.

Unleashing the Road Warrior
genre: Science and Technology: handheld computers
This ebook was written for people who own or are considering buying a handheld computer or smartphone. Unlike traditional manuals and computer books, it focuses on what you can do and why. Cappel's focus is on working smarter rather than harder, combined with having fun. This book starts where the traditional business and personal self help books finish, harnessing new technologies with explanations and ideas that can be followed by people at all levels of experience.

This book is of particular interest to traveling sales people or in fact anyone that spends time away from the office. Readers will find lots of practical topics covering areas such as time and territory management, simple Customer Relationship Management practices, how to be a 21st century sales champion, managing documents and email on the run, improving boardroom presentations, ebooks, audio books, games and much more.

The book also explains the new concepts of telecommunications including Bluetooth, CDMA, GPRS and Wireless LAN.

This book is not only a great primer for new users, many people who have been using them for years have been surprised at the new ideas they discovered in this book.

The book is currently only available in electronic format and can be read on a PC, Tablet, Palm and Pocket PC devices which includes the new hybrid smartphones and communicators.
ISBN: 0-473-09220-4 (electronic)


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