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Cajun Clark is a world renowned writer of one-of-a-kind cookbooks. His first was Cajun Clark's Cookbook: One Inch From the Top -- The Only Way to Cook!, a monster filled with over 1,100 favorite Cajun, Soul Food, Southern, Down Home Country and Traditional recipes collected over the years. That was quickly followed by Cajun Clark’s Sweet & Sassy!, which is full of mouth-watering dessert recipes. And, Caj has finished his third, uniquely different, cookbook titled Cajun Clark Cooks Chicken, Pork, Fish & Small Wild Game

In addition, Caj writes articles covering topics ranging from cooking to web site development and marketing to customer service and customer care. His articles are published on the WWW, and have an extensive following due to his unique writing style, “down home” humor and “common sense” approach to life. His cookbooks display this same style and are sprinkled with delightful stories, sage advice and his own “irreverent” comments, making them different from any other cookbook you are likely to find. 

Caj was born in Oklahoma, raised in Northern California, and has lived in Germany, up and down the state of California, and the White Mountains of Arizona. After a stint in East Texas, he has found a home in Louisiana, at least for the time being. However, be that as it may, it is now there, with his faithful(?) Queensland Heeler Spotless, that he continues to think and write, write and think, then think and write some more. If he’s not thinking and writing, he's working on something else of equal importance! And in all probability it's in his oversized country kitchen.

Home page of Cajun Clark: http://cajunclarks.com 

Cajun Clark's Cookbook: One Inch From the Top -- The Only Way to Cook! 
genre: Cookbooks
Cajun Clark espouses his proven philosophy -- Cook a little. Zap a lot! -- in a 659-page e-cookbook. Over 1,100 Cajun, Soul Food, Southern, Down Home Country and Traditional recipes! Like skillet pizza, skillet pineapple upside-down cake, skillet peach cobbler, skillet you-name-it. Cajun gumbo, jambalaya, fried turkey. Soul food, chitterlings, collards, hot water cornbread. Beef and pork ribs, marinades, rubs and sauces. Chicken and pork chop recipes galore. More cookies, cakes, pies, puddings, cobblers, tea cakes and candies than you'll have time to make in the next couple of years. Yep, you got it: recipes, recipes, and more recipes -- some more than 100 years old; still others that came about only because of rationing during WW II. Whew! This is not your Mother's Cookbook but is filled with humorous irrelevant and irreverent comments and commentary; that some consider as good or better than the great recipes which are presented.

Book Reviewed: "Cooking with an attitude. Laughter is an added ingredient to be stirred in to all the great recipes and cleaning tips found in this cookbook. You won't be able to help but smile while you stir. Looking for a gift that will last a lifetime? Your thoughtfulness will be remembered each time this book is opened. A collection of recipes for almost anything but alligator, a collection to please the palate of even the finickiest eaters. You will find meals that can be made in one pot or more elaborate dishes, each with advice and complete instructions. No guessing as to what the writer means, this book is written in clear and concise language." ~ reviewed by Anne K. Edwards. For the full review: http://cajunclarks.com/articlesbycaj.htm

electronic version
Self-published, September 2003, ISBN: 1-933047-11-9

This ebook is available for purchase by libraries through Follett: TitleWave and TitleTales.

Cajun Clark's Sweet & Sassy!
genre: Cookbooks
Welcome to the cookbook designed to get your mouth waterin', your sweet tooth cravin', and you fantasizin' 'bout how good those peanut butter cookies would taste right now. How you'd give away your most prized wooden spoon for just one taste of devil food cake topped with cream-cheese glaze and a huge scoop of homemade rich vanilla ice cream right now. Yep, that's what the nearly 500 recipes in this book are meant to do, no matter how exotic your palate, or picky your taste buds.

electronic version
Executive Scribe Publications

Cajun Clark Cooks Chicken, Pork, Fish and Small Wild Game
genre: Cookbooks
What's for dinner, mom? What's for dinner, dad? What's for dinner? WHAT'S FOR DINNER? Do you get tired of that question? Believe it or not, Caj does too. Which explains why da ol' mon took about 200 recipes from Cajun Clark's Cookbook: One Inch From the Top -- The Only Way to Cook! and put together this cookbook.

So, if you're stressed out and meeting yourself coming and going, you'll appreciate these tasty, palate pleasin', mostly easy-to-prepare recipes that don't require expensive ingredients. And shucks, while your entrée is cookin' you can enjoy some of da ol mon's irreverent and irrelevant commentary. Hey, that's not all bad, you'll be entertained while cookin' some really good stuff.

electronic version
Executive Scribe Publications

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