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Betty Jo Schuler writes for children, teens, and adults. Camp Cheer (Hard Shell Word Factory), her interactive mystery for teens, led her to try e-publishing. Readers pick a path, click, and are whisked along various courses to eleven different endings. Schuler has been whisked forward since choosing this medium and has eleven published books. Three were EPPIES finalists: Camp Cheer, young adult, 2001; Winning Chance, contemporary romance 2002; and No Rain, No Rainbows, anthology, 2003. A former teacher with a B.S. and M.A. in education, Betty Jo teaches online writing courses for Writer’s Digest and Barnes & Noble University. To learn more about her books and sign up for her monthly newsletter, visit her website at http://home.webworks2000.net/bschuler/bettyjo.html.

Home page of Betty Jo Schuler: http://home.webworks2000.net/bschuler/bettyjo.html 

Winning Chance 
genre: Contemporary romance
Lori Hayes never takes a risk, but when someone enters her in a TV show contest and she wins a Dream Date with gorgeous hunk, Chance Dawson, sparks fly. Chance, who leaves nothing to chance, has a life plan, and a house is the next step, then a wife. Lori, who's just starting to live it up, doesn't want to settle down in a Dream Home. Alternate first prize, a pair of sports cars is her choice and will be easier to divide. The only thing hotter than the friction between these two opposites is the spark of attraction that bursts into flames. This romantic comedy was a 2002 EPPIES finalist in contemporary romance.

Book Reviewed: A delightfully fast-paced romance, Winning Chance is fun and full of laughs. It boasts all the elements of a contemporary romance - good characterizations, intriguing plot lines, chemistry between the hero and heroine, and good writing. And the best news -- no bad guys, no mysterious villain -- just an entertaining, light and happy romance! Winning Chance is a winner all the way! ~ Astrid Kinn, AOL's Romance Reviews Today  

Winning Chance, 4 1/2 stars, tantalizing. "I could live on a constant diet of Betty Jo Schuler's brand of romantic comedy!" ~ Bree at Simple Dreams 

electronic version
Treble Heart Books, January 2002, ISBN: 931742-95-2
paperback version
Treble Heart Books, March 2002, ISBN: 1-931742-95-2

Male Wanted 
genre: Contemporary Romance
Taylor Gayle advertises in The Town Crier for a male to date, but Max Stuart misprints her ad to indicate she's looking for a "sadomasochistic male to mate" and includes her address. To atone for his mistakes, Max becomes her live-in protector. Now, who's going to protect this high school librarian from the unbelievably sexy newspaper editor? And who's going to save Max from this feisty Plain Jane's charms? 

Max finds Taylor in her long skirts and oversized specs as tantalizing as a package in plain brown wrap with no return address. She thinks he looks like a CEO but can't handle the simplest task. She thinks he's short on ambition. He thinks she should relax. She wants a serious man. He wants a fun-loving woman. They want one another. 

Neither are what they seem. But while these two fake their ways into each other's lives, they find a love that's real.

Book Reviewed: Male Wanted by Betty Jo Schuler is a refreshing taste of romance and comedy all wrapped in one beautiful gift of love. This is one romantic tale you won't want to miss. Taylor and Max are determined to avoid love at all costs but find themselves irresistibly drawn to one another. Warning…If you begin Male Wanted you won't be able to put it down. It's a fabulous read! ~ Kim's Reviews, reviewed by Kim Gaona

Betty Jo Schuler has written a brilliant story that is expertly plotted from the beginning to the final page. The pace is fast forward on an emotional roller coaster that culminates in two people finding new truths about themselves. ~ INSCRIPTIONS, 4 stars, reviewed by Linda Wellman

electronic version
Hard Shell Word Factory, October 2002, ISBN: 0-7599-0488-X
paperback version
Hard Shell Word Factory, November 2002, ISBN: 0-7599-0615-7

Gracie's Holiday Hero 
genre: Holiday Romance
It's the first day of December, snow is in the air, and Gracie Singleton Saylor's shopping for a Christmas tree when she runs smack into Merett Bradmoore, her high school hero. She can tell at once he's not the happy-go-lucky guy he used to be. 

Fifteen years ago, Gracie's family faced a holiday without food or gifts and the handsome high school senior came to their rescue. Gracie, a freshman, fell a little in love with Merett that night and she's believed ever since that dreams do come true. Seeing that Merett, widowed with a seven-year-old daughter, has changed, Gracie is determined to return his gift of optimism. But can she return his hope without losing her own? 

Enter the zoning board, an old enemy, and the personal problems of her two sisters Hope and Faith Mix in a mischievous cat named Spook, a huge furry mutt named Dumbbell, and a man who's showing the spirit of Scrooge, and you wonder. Can holiday magic triumph?

Book Reviewed: Gracie's Holiday Hero is a heartwarming tale with believable characters and realistic circumstances that leaves one sure that Christmas is truly magic. Ms. Schuler's instincts about human nature are right on the money with this one and I recommend this book to anyone, romance fan or not. ~ reviewed by Missy Frye, WCRG (the Writing Club Romance Group) on AOL

Enchanted is not a strong enough word to say how I felt while reading Gracie's Holiday Hero. I laughed, cried, sympathized, and got angry while reading this wonderful story. The characters were down-to-earth and became part of my "family." Ms. Schuler has done it again with another excellent story to add to her fine list of books. If you like a story with real problems and solutions in life and love, this is one for you! I am more than delighted to add this one to my collection, and wait excitedly for her next release. ~ Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5, Teresa Henson, Romance Junkies

electronic version
Writers Exchange E-Publishing, August 2001
paperback version
Writers Exchange Publishing, December 2002, ISBN: 192074115-1

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