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Mind Like Water eBook Catalog

eBooks by Genre

Are you a librarian looking to add content to your collection? Entries in this catalog marked with a are available for purchase as ebooks through Follett's TitleWave and TitleTales catalogs. 

If you are a library patron and wish to see one of these books carried by your library, please let them know.

Other Fiction
Historical Fiction
Science Fiction
Thriller and Suspense

Young Adult

Biographies and Memoirs

Business and Finance
General Nonfiction
Religion and Spirituality
Science and Technology
Writing and Publishing



The Power That Binds, by Mark E. Cooper 
The Thoughmaster's Conduit
, by Kerry Orchard
Eagles Watch, by William H. Reid
The Crystal Throne, by Kathryn Sullivan

contemporary fantasy
Guardian of the Continuum, by Joey W. Hill
dark fantasy romance

The Prince of the Wind, by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
fantasy adventure
Dreams of Charni, by Alan M. Brooker
The God Decrees, by Mark E. Cooper  
fantasy anthologies
Twilight Crossing, by Jeanne Allen, et al.
fantasy romance
The Romance of the Unicorn, by Cynthia Joyce Clay
quest fantasy

Gypsy Pie, by Andre West
short stories
New Myths of the Feminine Divine, by Cynthia Joyce Clay
sword and sorcery 
The Power That Binds, by Mark E. Cooper 
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historical fiction
The Return, by Lynne Hansen  
, by Anne Manning  
Ripples, by Anne Manning  
Rustler's Bride, by Anne Manning  
ancient Greece
Time for Alexander, by Jennifer Macaire  
19th century espionage
The Third Corner, by J. L. Abbott  
The Bluecoat Affair, by J. L. Abbott  
20th century America
Aloha and MaiTais, by Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D.  

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The Darkness Below, by Lee A. Eide  
Horror High School
, by T. L. Winslow

dream realm 
Butterfly House, by Terry Sheils

The Craving, by Terry Sheils  

horror anthologies
Atrocitas Aqua: Horrors of the Deep, by G. W. Thomas, et al.
reality horror

The Night Shift Worker, by L. M. Shafer  

supernatural horror
Tharne's Quest, by Alan M. Brooker
Kachima Spirit
, by Marilyn Meredith

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detective fiction -- British cozy
Capable of Murder, by Brian Kavanagh  
The Embroidered Corpse, by Brian Kavanagh  
detective fiction -- American cozy
Murder Most Trivial, by Kathryn Lively

detective fiction -- high tech and science
Mind Games, by Alan Brudner  
murder mysteries
48 Hours of the Serpent, by Joe Faust  
Tragedy at Tangle Creek, by Joe Faust 
A Dangerous Woman, by Debra Lee  
Rosewood, by Dr. Kelly Roberts   

Par for the Corpse, by Terry Sheils

police stories -- women police detectives
Deadly Omen, by Marilyn Meredith
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general fiction

To Sculpt a Living Statue, by Tal Boldo
Cousin Feely
, by J. B. Jones
The Triumph Mine, by A. J. Lee
Big Guy, by Peter Liney  
Looking for the Summer, by Robert W. Norris  
The Many Roads to Japan, by Robert W. Norris  
Toraware, by Robert W. Norris  
Out of the Azure Sea, by Ross Richdale
WAZA, by M. J. Sullivan

Dork Dick, by T. L. Winslow  
Young Howard, by T. L. Winslow

gay and lesbian fiction
Thirty-Two and Raining, by Daphne McLaren  
Native American fiction
Return of the Canoe Societies: A Literary History of the First Nations' Coastal Tribes of B.C., by Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D.  

short stories
Original Short Stories for Children & Parents, by Joan Bramsch
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humanitarian poetry
Life Overrules Death -- Antiterrorism/Peace Poems, by Nikhil Parekh
Vegetarian-Environment/Wildlife Conservation Poems, by Nikhil Parekh
From the Corners of My Mind, by S. A. Warren

American Lyricon: A Poet Sings of America, by Joel L. Young  
To John Donne and Other Poetic Letters, by Joel L. Young  

romance poetry
Longest Poem On Earth - Only as Life, by Nikhil Parekh
100% Love- Immortal Love Songs, by Nikhil Parekh
Woman, by Nikhil Parekh Love In the Obscure and Other Poetic Romances, by Joel L. Young   
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A Kiss to Make It Better, by Joan Bramsch
At Nightfall, by Joan Bramsch
The Sophisticated Mountain Gal, by Joan Bramsch
The Stallion Man, by Joan Bramsch
Heartbeat, by Debra Lee
Trace of Dreams, by Tricia McGill

Remy O'Shea, by Tricia McGill
Sandwiches and Cuckoo Clocks, by Ross Richdale

contemporary romance
Cougar Lake, by Robin Bayne
A Matter of Life, by Robin Bayne  
With No Reservations, by Joan Bramsch
The Light Side, by Joan Bramsch
Ebon's Mate, by Joan Bramsch
A Circle Squared, by Terry Dawson  
Now Comes Tomorrow, by Terry Dawson
Heart of the Wild, by Rita Hestand
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, by Rita Hestand
Courting Abby, by Rita Hestand
Sapphire Summer, by Joanie MacNeil  
A Sense of Duty, by Joanie MacNeil  
Trouble or Nothing, by Joanie MacNeil  
Look Into Your Heart, by Tricia McGill
A Time to Trust, by Mary S. McGuire   
To Trust Again, by Mary S. McGuire  
Male Wanted, by Betty Jo Schuler

Winning Chance, by Betty Jo Schuler  

historical romance -- American Civil War

Honor's Reward, by Marion Marshall
historical romance -- American West
Dakota Dawn, by Marion Marshall

Crow Legend
, by Julie Ann Spruce  
Exclusive Woman, by Julie Ann Spruce   
historical romance -- 18th century America
Bloodlines, by Anne Manning  

Rogue's Hostage, by Linda McLaughlin

historical romance -- 19th century America
Rachel's Journey, by Mary S. McGuire  
Where Eagles Soar
, by Beverly Ruuth  
historical romance -- Regency England

An Affection for an Unmarried Lady, by Fanny Delarose
The Aim of a Lady
, by Laura Matthews
Talk of the Town, by Joan Smith
holiday romance
Gracie's Holiday Hero, by Betty Jo Schuler   
inspirational romance
His Brother's Child, by Robin Bayne  
paranormal romance
BlackWind, by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
A Still Point in Time
, by Marsha Briscoe
Tears of the Hawk, by Barbara Clark  
Beloved Stranger, by Patricia Crossley   
For the Weekend, by Lyn Lawrence
Desert Dreams
, by Gracie C. McKeever  
Flames Past, by Gracie C. McKeever  
New Life Incognita, by Gracie C. McKeever 
Another Chance, Another Time, by Catherine Snodgrass  

romance anthologies
Romantic Emotions, edited by Pia Hendriks
romantic comedy
Tourist Attractions, by Molly J. Ringle
Web Story, by Karen Troxel  
romantic comedy adventure
Royal Flush, by William Dennenberg

romantic fantasy
Nitesh, by JennaKay Francis
romantic mystery
A Family Matter, by Marsha Briscoe
Mardi Gravestone, by Sandy Semerad

romantic suspense
Edge of Paradise, by Lynda S. Burch  
Emerald Heat, by Barbara Clark
Suspicious Minds, by Kim Cox
Dancing with the Devil, by Patricia Crossley  
Echoes and Illusions, by Kathy Lynn Emerson
Where's Michelle?, by Chris Grover
Without a Clue, by Chris Grover
Magnolia House, by Lyn Lawrence  
Change of Plans
, by Dee Lloyd  
Ghost of a Chance, by Dee Lloyd

Ties That Bind, by Dee Lloyd  
Dreams, by Catherine Snodgrass
Judging Ellie, by Catherine Snodgrass
science fiction romance
Earthbound, by D. M. Arnold  
Exiled Treasure, by Belinda Palmer
time travel romance -- American West

Wind of Change, by Karen Troxel  

time travel romance -- 20th century America
A Promise of Love, by Beverly Ruuth  
time travel romance -- Tudor England
Journey's End, by Patricia Crossley  

time travel romance -- paranormal
The Raven's Lady, by Anne Manning  
Ripples, by Anne Manning  
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science fiction
Agent of Darkness, by Lee A. Eide  
Virtual Murder, by Jennifer Macaire   
Mundilia, by
Joaquin Ramon-Huget
Master of Intrigue, by Mary Ann Steele

Warrior-Woman: The Forging of the Legend, by Mary Ann Steele

The Light: An Alien Abduction, by Michael L. Thal
Agents and Adepts, by Kathryn Sullivan
Christian science fiction

Leaps of Faith, by Karina and Rob Fabian, editors
DrumwallDrumwall, by Lynden Rodriguez
Zollocco: A Novel of Another Universe, by Cynthia Joyce Clay
The First Misadventure of Fragger Sparks: A Ranger Leads the Way, by Steven D. Fisher  
near future
Chilled Run, by Joan Bramsch
paranormal suspense
Ancient Ones of Light, by Robin G. Howard
Soulgate - Temple of Souls, by Robin G. Howard
The White Hole, by Robin G. Howard
planetary romance
Blood Wind, by Charlotte Boyett-Compo  

space opera
4142, by Stephen L. Harris  
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thriller and suspense
The Radicals, by Alan M. Brooker
Tears of the Hawk
, by Barbara Clark  
...But I Love Him, by D. D. Douglass  
Dead Man's Plan, by Lee A. Eide  
Death Wore White, by Michelle Fronheiser

Redemption, by Debra Lee

Catalyst, by Ross Richdale

Blue Nightmares, by Andre West

The Bear and the Bull, by Harvey Mendez
, by Harvey Mendez and Christie Shary  
Dire Straits, by Joe Moore  
Mission Mururoa, by Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D.  
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Flying Fluffbag, by Peter Liney  
Hidden Treasure, by Judith J. Miller  
adventure series

Freddie Brenner Mystical Adventure Series: Book 1 - The Door to the Secret City, by Kathy J. Forti 
Freddie Brenner Mystical Adventure Series: Book 2 - The Team Dream, by Kathy J. Forti 
Freddie Brenner Mystical Adventure Series: Book 3 - An Everyday Miracle, by Kathy J. Forti 
Freddie Brenner Mystical Adventure Series: Book 4 - The Great Tree House War, by Kathy J. Forti 
Freddie Brenner Mystical Adventure Series: Book 5 - Looking for a Rainbow, by Kathy J. Forti 
Freddie Brenner Mystical Adventure Series: Book 6 - The Indian Haunting at Malibu Canyon, by Kathy J. Forti 
Circus Sammy, by Kim Nasr
Sammy Star: Making New Trails
, by Kim Nasr
Sammy Star: Mt. Marshmallow, by Kim Nasr
alphabet books
The New Alphabet Song Book, by Lynda S. Burch  

The Merryvale Adventures Series: Book 1 - A Very Strange Land, by Steven D. Fisher  
The Merryvale Adventures Series: Book 2 - Seeking Sarah, by Steven D. Fisher  
The Merryvale Adventures Series: Book 3 - Mud, Muck & Myer, by Steven D. Fisher   
ghost stories
Genuine Haunted House For Sale, by Susan Lee  
Halloween stories
A Place for a Black Cat, by Chris Hare
picture books
Inside a Snail's Shell, by JennaKay Francis   
Johnny Jingle, by
Thomas Zarraonandia
science books
Weather or Not!, by Lynda S. Burch  
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young adult
Secrets of a Summer Spy, by J. B. Jones
Good Morning, Delight, by Beverly Ruuth

The Legend of Koolura, by Michael L. Thal


North of Nowhere, by William H.Reid

coming of age
McClellan's Bluff, by Mary E. Trimble

Rosemount, by Mary E. Trimble   

The Dreamkeepers: Saving the Senoi, by Kelly Gamble  

The Crystal Throne, by Kathryn Sullivan 
historical fiction
The Joshua Machine, by James H. Clay


The Return, by Lynne Hansen
The Change, by Lynne Hansen

The Voice of Daria, by Joyce Hunt  
The Haunting of Ellen, by Dr. Kelly Roberts 
science fiction
The Promise, by Jennifer Macaire

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digital photography

Ground Zero, by Paul Camacho

non-Euclidean art
Agenda 21 with Mo Edoga, by Paul Camacho

Screenwriting Collection, by Marina Rundell

visual arts

Optical Art 1995-99, by Paul Camacho



21st century history
A 9-11 Time Capsule: The first 14 days, by Joan Bramsch
philosophy - aesthetics
Vector Theory and the Plot Structures of Literature and Drama, by Cynthia Joyce Clay



Stone Justice, by Lyn Lawrence
Abandoned for Life, by Izidor Ruckel, edited by Joan Bramsch
Orlando Bloom, by Marina Rundell

Pierce Brosnan, by Marina Rundell

Russell Crowe, by Marina Rundell
Viggo Mortensen, by Marina Rundell
family saga
Thirteen Generations in the New World: Lifestyles of the Less Rich and Famous, by Richard Alden Stimson  
A Mother's Son, by J. E. de Sousa  
Dustoff, by Mike Disario  
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business and finance
Write Industry Reports: Work at Home and Start Earning $5,000 in Royalties per Month, by Jennie S. Bev

The Red Book: How to Expand Your Business Safely, by Ann M. Marosy  
business management
The True Cost of Manufacturing Downtime, by Donald B. Fitchett 
business marketing
How To Promote Your Local Business On the Internet, by Sharon Fling  
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah: 10 Steps to Becoming a Guest on the World's Top Talk Show, by Susan Harrow
Secrets to Get Top TV Talk Show Producers to Book You as Their Guest, by Susan Harrow
Secrets to Skyrocketing Your Speaking and Writing Career: Sell your knowledge, products and services at 38 Nationwide Adult Learning Centers, by Susan Harrow
business opportunities
Cater Your Way to Riche$, by Joan Bramsch
Wholesale Master Directory, by L. Monrean  
Make Your Own Products, by L. Monrean  
business opportunities -- eBay
The Online Auction Expert's Bible to Selling on eBay, by Timothy Mina
business opportunities -- information products
Profit Inferno: A Step-by-Step Formula for Generating Million-Dollar Ideas, by Angelo Ioanides  

business opportunities -- virtual assistant

The Virtual Assistant: A Guide to Creating, Filling & Sustaining Your Virtual Assistant Practice, by Kathy Sparks  


Playing with the Numbers: How So-called Experts Mislead Us about the Economy, by Richard Alden Stimson  

employment -- careers

FabJob.com Guide to Become a Management Consultant, by Jennie S. Bev
StyleCareer.com Breaking Into and Succeeding in Fashion and Image Careers Series, by Jennis S. Bev
employment -- education

Rogue Student, by Michael A. Williams    

employment -- job search
Get a Job! Put Your Degree to Work, by Tara Maras and Donna Kozik 
Interview Fitness Training, by Carole Martin  
Cool Off The Hot Seat! Tips for 'Acing' Your Job Interview, by Rebecca Rothman McCoy
Internet marketing -- email marketing 
The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating & Promoting Your Ezine, by Karon Thackston

investing -- real estate investing

Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection, by Bryan Rundell and Michael A. Williams  
personal finances 
The Money Program: How to Manage the 6 Stages of Wealth, by Ann M. Marosy  
Money Rules: The 7 Simple Rules of Money Management, by Ann M. Marosy  

public relations
Reality PR: The Revolutionary New Way To Do PR, by B. L. Ochman  

public relations -- copywriting
The Step-by-Step Copywriting Course, by Karon Thackston

public relations -- press releases
Press Releases From Hell and How to Fix Them, by B. L. Ochman  
Secrets of Effective Press Release Distribution, by B. L. Ochman  
virtual assistant
Up Close and Virtual: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business, by Diana Ennen and Kelly Poelker
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educating your child
Teach Me, I'm Yours: Success For Your Unique Child, by Joan Bramsch  

You Kids Just Wait Till I Get Over Being Pregnant..., by Joan Bramsch
Kid Safe: How To Protect Your Family From Molesters and Kidnappers, by Joan Bramsch & Pam Coronado  
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general nonfiction

The Man Who Fell from the Sky, by William Norris
SnowBird, by William Norris
Willful Misconduct, by William Norris
Global Solutions: An Internet Community Takes On Globalisation, by Richard Alden Stimson

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conditions and diseases -- diabetes

No More Diabetes -- How Yoga Saved My Life, by John Spanek
health care
Talk to Doctors So They Will Listen, by Patricia Loofbourrow, MD
sleep disorders
IJustWantToSleep, by Janet Bennett

substance abuse

Torn by Addiction: There is Hope, by Jennifer Hyrcha

weight loss
The Soulful Solution: Freedom from Food Addiction, Excess Weight and Unwellness, by Jennifer Hyrcha
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Cajun Clark's Cookbook: One Inch From the Top -- The Only Way to Cook, by Cajun Clark  
Cajun Clark's Sweet and Sassy!, by Cajun Clark  
Cajun Clark Cooks Chicken, Pork, Fish and Small Wild Game, by Cajun Clark
MEGA Recipe Bonanza!, by L. Monrean  
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religion and spirituality
The Anunnaki's Children, by José de Faria e Maya

Specks of Spirit, by José de Faria e Maya

Radically Real: The Quest for Authenticity, by David C. Weiss


Path To Higher Consciousness, by Dr. Kelly Roberts  
religious cults
Freemasonry Inside-Out, A New Angle on Masonic Secrets, by Hugh McFarland
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Learn Hypnosis...Now!, by Michael Stevenson, CCHt
Practical Guide to Buying a Computer, by Tony L. Ellis
How to SMASH Maintenance Advisor, by Mike Sondalini

engineering -- industrial engineering
Belt Bucket Elevator Design, Use and Care - 2nd edition, by Mike Sondalini 
handheld computers
Unleashing the Road Warrior, by Luigi Cappel  
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Della's Children, by Richard Kent Smith  

death and dying
A Eulogy to Remember...in Five Simple Steps, by Sheila Martin  
How to Plan a Loving Funeral, by Sheila Martin  
Voluntary Ejaculation and Male Multiple Orgasms - General Audience Editon, by Al Link and Pala Copeland


55 Ways To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence, by Andrew Smith

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book marketing
Supercharge Your eBook Profits!, by Michael A. Williams    
Instant Recommendation Letter Kit - How to Write Winning Letters of Recommendation, by Shaun Fawcett

writing careers

Write Industry Reports: Work at Home and Start Earning $5,000 in Royalties per Month, by Jennie S. Bev
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