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Mind Like Water eBook Catalog

eBook Authors

Are you a librarian looking to add content to your collection? Entries in this catalog marked with a are available for purchase as ebooks through Follett's TitleWave and TitleTales catalogs. 

If you are a library patron and wish to see one of these books carried by your library, please let them know.

Click on an author's name for a bio and the author's featured ebooks.

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J. L. Abbott
Jeanne Allen, et al.
D. M. Arnold
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Robin Bayne
Janet Bennett
Jennie S. Bev
Mike Billington
Tal Boldo
Joan Bramsch
Marsha Briscoe
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Paul Camacho
Luigi Cappel
Barbara Clark
Cajun Clark
Cynthia Joyce Clay
James H. Clay
Pala Copeland 
Pam Coronado
Terry Dawson
Fanny Delarose
William Dennenberg
J. E. de Sousa
Mike Disario
D. D. Douglas
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Lee A. Eide
Tony L. Ellis
Kathy Lynn Emerson
Diana Ennen
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Karina and Rob Fabian, editors
Joe Faust
Shaun Fawcett
Steven D. Fisher
Donald B. Fitchett
Sharon Fling
Kathy Forti
JennaKay Francis, 2
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Kelly Gamble
Chris Grover
-- Back to top.
Lynne Hansen
Chris Hare
Stephen L. Harris
Susan Harrow
Rita Hestand
Joey W. Hill
Robin G. Howard
Joyce Hunt
Jennifer Hyrcha
-- Back to top.
Angelo Ioanides
-- Back to top.
J. B. Jones
-- Back to top.
Brian Kavanagh
Donna Kozik
-- Back to top.
Lyn Lawrence
A. J. Lee
Debra Lee
Susan Lee
Peter Liney
Al Link
Kathryn Lively
Dee Lloyd
Patricia Loofbourrow, MD
-- Back to top.
Jennifer Macaire
Joanie MacNeil
Anne Manning
Tara Maras
Ann M. Marosy
Marion Marshall
Carole Martin
Sheila Martin
Laura Matthews
Jose de Faria e Maya
Rebecca Rothman McCoy
Hugh McFarland
Mary McGuire
Harvey Mendez
Timothy Mina
Kim Nasr
Robert W. Norris
William Norris
-- Back to top.
B. L. Ochman
Kerry Orchard
-- Back to top.
Belinda Palmer
Nikhil Parekh
Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D.
Kelly Poelker
-- Back to top.
Joaquin Ramon-Huget
Ross Richdale
Molly J. Ringle
Dr. Kelly Roberts
Lynden Rodriguez
Izidor Ruckel
Beverly Ruuth
-- Back to top.
Betty Jo Schuler
Sandy Semerad
L. M. Shafer
Christie Shary
Terry Sheils
Andrew Smith
Joan Smith
Richard Kent Smith
Catherine Snodgrass
Mike Sondalini
Michael Stevenson, CCHt
Kathryn Sullivan
Karon Thackston
Michael L. Thal
G. W. Thomas, et al.
Mary E. Trimble
Karen Troxel
-- Back to top.
S. A. Warren
David C.Weiss
Andre West
Michael A. Williams
T. L. Winslow
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Joel L. Young
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Thomas Zarraonandia

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