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Issue #20 • August 3, 2004
Greetings everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the summer months, finding time to do all those things you could only dream about during the winter. My husband and I recently biked the Katy Trail across Missouri. Being on a bike all day and stopping to look at turtles, snakes, birds and other wildlife made us feel like kids all over again.

In this issue of the Mind Like Water Monthly, we'll update you on our "ebooks in libraries" initiative with Follett, tell you about the 2004 BookExpo we attended in Chicago, provide some tips on holding an author's talk at a library, roll out our new ISBN service, and feature some great nonfiction, fiction and kids books.

Read On!

Diane Faile

Mind Like Water-Follett Library Initiative

The Mind Like Water-Follett Library Initiative is under full swing! We submitted 69 ebook titles in June 2004, and libraries can now purchase them through the TitleTales and TitleWave catalogs. Our thanks go out to the authors and publishers who see the future of ebooks in libraries and helped us to launch this initiative.

If you're wondering why you should be interested in this initiative, consider this: record ebook retail sales were set in the first quarter in 2004. eBook units sold during that quarter were up 46% and ebook revenues were up 28% over the same quarter in 2003. According to Open eBook Forum President Steve Potash, "eBooks represent the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry."

It is not too late to participate in the Mind Like Water-Follett Library Initiative! Do you want your ebooks available for public and school libraries to purchase by the end of summer? If so, sign up by August 15th. For more information and to sign up, please visit: http://www.mindlikewater.com/library_offer.html.

We also have developed a detailed FAQ page at http://www.mindlikewater.com/Follett/Follett_FAQ.html that should answer all of your questions about the library initiative. If you still have questions after reading that, feel free to contact me at dino@mindlikewater.com.

2004 BookExpo America

You may recall that Mind Like Water attended BookExpo 2004 in Chicago in early June. The Expo was well attended by librarians, and we had an opportunity to visit with many of them, including librarians from the Chicago Public Library, Evergreen Public Library in Illinois, New York Public Library, and Johnson County Reference Library in Kansas. We spread the word about our "ebooks in libraries" initiative with Follett, and gave away hard copies of Mind Like Water's online eBook Catalog, which profiles the authors and publishers participating in this initiative.

Follett was represented at the Expo's "E-Book Experience Pavilion," and its division BWI (Book Wholesalers, Inc.) hosted a private booth where librarians could gather and network. The Expo also offered many sessions focusing on ebooks, such as "eBook Production Practices for the Author and Publisher," "eBook Retail and Distribution Channels," and "Library Markets for Your eBooks & Digital Materials." All in all, ebooks had a presence at this Expo!

Author Library Talks

One of our promises to participants of our library initiative is that Mind Like Water will provide information in this newsletter on how to get libraries to select your ebooks once they are in Follett's catalogs. I'd like to share with you some of what I learned while attending a session at the 2004 BookExpo America titled, "Authors at Your Library: Creating and Marketing a Successful Event."

To put this session in context with our library initiative, you need to know how librarians search Follett's two catalogs, TitleTales and TitleWave. These catalogs list books of all binding types: hardcover, paperback, ebook, etc. A librarian performs a search by selecting from numerous criteria such as author name, publish date, ISBN, reviewed by a particular source, keyword, etc. From the search results page, the librarian can then click on a title and open the pdf file containing the book.

Follett will only add a full MARC (MAchine-Readable Cataloging) record for a title to the catalogs when that title has been purchased by a library. MARC is a record format, developed by the Library of Congress for library catalogs, that describes an individual book, journal, or other work, using a collection of fields and subfields. Having a MARC record associated with your title provides more information that is useful to a librarian in choosing a book for its library's collection.

Only a single copy of a title needs to have been purchased by a library for the MARC record to be included in Follett's catalogs. Therefore, one of your missions as an author participating in the Mind Like Water-Follett Library Initiative is to facilitate the sale of just one ebook to a library. Libraries do not have to have any ebook lending platform specific to Follett in order to purchase ebooks from their catalogs. Follett simply acts as an ebook vendor.

How can you do this?

One way is to offer to give an author's talk at your local library, as this can spark interest in your book. Librarians listen to their patrons -- a title is often added to a collection because a patron has requested it. Giving a talk also provides you with an opportunity to network with the library staff.

Do your research first. Are there any libraries in your region that already include ebooks in their collections? Are there any libraries that are discussing the addition of ebooks? If so, these are the libraries you will want to target. You can get a lot of information from a library's web site in order to narrow your list. Some things to look for include an online ebook lending program, or a master planning document or news item that mentions ebooks.

Now that you have your list, how can you schedule a talk? For starters, check out Authors@YourLibrary -- a searchable online database that connects libraries around the country with authors and publicists looking to promote their books. There is a submission form that publishers can use to add their information to the database; and a Library Listing that provides, for each library listed, information on who to contact, event and venue details, publicity methods, book sales, and expenses/honorarium.

According to the session I attended, tying your book to a current event issue or an issue that is important to the library's community is a great way to introduce yourself for an author's talk. You might also want to see what your library has planned for National Library Week (each April), National Poetry Month (each April), or any other national/regional/local event associated with your book's topic. For ideas, look over the Library and Book Calendar at http://www.libraryhq.com/calendar.html.

I'll address this marketing idea some more in next month's newsletter. In the meantime, think about planning your own author talk, and then get started using the ideas discussed above!

Order ISBNs from Mind Like Water

ISBNs are now available for purchase through Mind Like Water! If you are a self-published author, or are responsible for providing your own ISBNs, Mind Like Water offers a more affordable alternative to purchasing ISBNs than through Bowker. While Bowker only sells ISBNs by factors of 10 (i.e., 10 ISBNs for $225, 100 ISBNs for $800, etc.), you can order individual ISBNs from Mind Like Water for only $30 each.

If you haven't heard of ISBNs, or you would like more information, visit http://www.mindlikewater.com/marketing/ISBN.html. Basically, an ISBN is a 10-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products. An ISBN identifies one title or edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique to that edition, allowing for more efficient marketing of products by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers and distributors.

Order your ISBNs online by visiting Mind Like Water's home page at http://www.mindlikewater.com.

Nonfiction Corner

Rx 365
author: William Henry Ziering, M.D.
genre: Health Care
Rx 365 is a primer for both physicians and patients. It is a guideline for establishing a patient centered practice. Yet its principals are applicable to all transactions between a caregiver and a care receiver, between all consumers and suppliers. There is joy in serving. Rx 365 is a list of "one liners," a series of "pearls" suggesting approaches to improve the wellness and welfare of patients and consumers. Doctors will welcome the sound advice. Mostly, however, the book is dedicated to we the people, who should be better able to choose a caretaker who cares, as well as to better understand the background and business of a medical practice.
Visit Mind Like Water's eBook Catalog for more information.

Get A Job! Put Your Degree To Work
authors: Tara Maras and Donna Kozik
illustrator: Ron Maras
genre: Employment -- job search
Get to work on getting work with this practical job-finding resource. Get A Job! Put Your Degree To Work helps readers create an organized command center, use precious time wisely, develop a network of associates, conquer the cover letter and resume, master the art of the interview, conduct salary negotiations and much more. Featured alongside today's effective job-finding strategies are top suggestions from dozens of company leaders, human resource professionals and career experts -- people in the know who want to help others find employment. Discover secrets from the best -- those who hire and those who work to get people hired. With its down-to-earth strategies, Get A Job! Put Your Degree To Work provides information readers can benefit from immediately -- and land the professional job they want.
Visit Mind Like Water's eBook Catalog for more information.

Zollocco: A Novel of Another Universe
author: Cynthia Joyce Clay
genre: Science Fiction: ecological
A human woman finds herself transported from a dying Earth to the forest world of Ipernia, a place where plants and trees walk and forest life behaves as a collective consciousness. Hunted as a beast by an interplanetary corporation, she embarks on a magical adventure, traveling between cities, continents and worlds, embracing alien cultures and languages, yet always longing to return to the Forest Zollocco. As she proceeds on her journey, she begins to uncover a secret that may yet save Earth from destruction.
Visit Mind Like Water's eBook Catalog for more information.

Royal Flush
author: William Dennenberg
genre: Romantic comedy adventure
This is the tale of a truly uninhibited English princess pursued by terrorists finding refuge in Arizona, and solace in the arms of an American cop and his lover. Written as a gentle, affectionate parody of Hollywood's romantic comedy-adventure genre, this is a must for all royalists and for everyone who enjoys a racy read that exposes high life for what it undeniably is.
Visit Mind Like Water's eBook Catalog for more information.

Freddie Brenner Mystical Adventure Series: Book 1 - The Door to the Secret City
author: Kathy J. Forti
illustrator: Robert Owen Jones
genre: Children's Adventure Series
The Door to the Secret City open the series with a tree house accident causing Freddie Brenner to have an amazing out-of-body near death experience. Freddie meets Daniel, his very own angelic spirit guide, who takes him to another world where he learns about his true mission in life.

Read the entire series! Book 2 -- The Team Dream, and Book 3 -- An Everyday Miracle.
Visit Mind Like Water's eBook Catalog for more information.

The Merryvale Adventures, Book 1: A Very Strange Land
author: Steven D. Fisher
genre: Children's Fiction: fantasy
A Very Strange Land is the first of a set of books designed for pre-teen girls. The first story takes place at a riding school in a land called Merryvale, a realm of oddities, flying horses, and wonderfully bad puns. There is a very strange riding instructress, encouraging parents, and a lesson to be learned: that with confidence, one can do anything, particularly if you use considerable style and grace!

Read the entire series! Book 2: Seeking Sarah, and Book 3: Mud, Muck & Myer.
Visit Mind Like Water's eBook Catalog for more information.

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