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Hi. Welcome to our newly revised newsletter, the Mind Like Water Monthly. Our goal is to provide a forum where ebook authors, publishers, readers and anyone else involved in the ebook community can interact with one another, and share knowledge and experiences. Each issue will contain a feature article and tip related to the ebook industry. We'll also profile someone from the ebook community each month. Please contact me if you are interested in this. Finally, we'll open up a dialogue in our questions and answers section. Our thanks to all of you who have helped make Mind Like Water a successful ebook directory!

Best regards,

Michael Williams

P.S. Some of you contributed to our directory before we included, as part of our ebook submittal form, an option for receiving our newsletter. We wanted you to have an opportunity to read our inaugural issue.

Dedicated to helping the ebook community.
Issue #1: March 12, 2002
Publisher: Mind Like Water, Inc.

Table of Contents 

1. Feature Article: The Tuesday Effect
2. eBook Author Interview: Bryan Rundell, Rogue Investor
3. Tip of the Month
4. Questions and Answers

Feature Article: The Tuesday Effect
While selling our ebook products, we have noticed an interesting phenomenon we call the Tuesday effect. We typically sell more ebooks on Tuesday than any other day. 

What is our explanation? 

Based on customer feedback, many of our customers buy our ebooks during office hours. On Monday, most people are catching up with work and are too busy to surf the Internet. On Wednesday and Thursday, deadlines for that week are approaching. Friday is fun day, and people are focusing on the weekend. Both Monday and Friday also are frequently used for sick time or vacation. Tuesday appears to be the most productive day of the week for both the employee and employer.

A recent article published in the Kansas City Star newspaper confirms that Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week for most businesses. We also believe that when people are most productive, they are apt to think about improving their lives. Ebook authors and publishers, you may want to keep the Tuesday effect in mind when marketing your products. For example, try timing your next press release for a Tuesday.

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eBook Author Interview: Bryan Rundell, Rogue Investor
Michael: What makes Rogue Investor any better than typical investing books you can find at the bookstore?

Bryan: Rogue Investor is based upon principles developed by the most successful investors in the world. After 15 years of doing my own research, I determined that simple concepts can turn small investors into wealthy investors. Unlike hard cover books, I am able to update Rogue Investor several times a year to ensure the book remains current. I also include online support to help my customers with any investing questions they may have.

Michael: How did you perform financially in 2001?

Bryan: 2001 was a difficult year for all investors, but by outperforming the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, I managed to beat over 99% of all mutual funds.

Michael: What's new for Rogue Investor in 2002?

Bryan: Due to popular demand, I am offering the Rogue Investing newsletter as a free gift with the purchase of the Rogue Investor Package.

Rogue Investor

Tip of the Month
eBook authors/publishers: Many customers still prefer hard copy versions of ebooks, as well as personal service. Be sure to include an option to buy your products in hard copy, and provide a phone number so customers can contact you. No matter how automated your web site may be, you should expect about 10 to 20 percent of customers to have a problem and need to contact you. Direct contact with your customers also provides valuable feedback, which can help you improve your product.

Questions and Answers
This is a new feature, and is my way of interacting with the ebook community.

What have you discovered is the most cost-effective method of advertising your ebook?

Respond here:


We'll share some of your answers in next month's issue.

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