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Using Our eBook Directory

Welcome ebook readers! Whether you're new to ebooks or have been reading them for a few years now, we hope to make the experience more enjoyable. 

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Using Our eBook Directory: Explore the world of ebooks on the Web by stopping off at our home page! eBook authors, ebookstores and epublishers are able to submit their ebooks for inclusion in our directory. To the best of our ability, we have not knowingly included any ebooks that contain pornographic, hate, violent, racist or sexist material. 

All of the ebooks in our directory are available electronically -- either by download, disk or CD. To download the software necessary to read an ebook in one of the many available file formats, click here

eBooks. Our directory is divided into Nonfiction, Fiction, and Kids ebooks. Each of these three main categories is further divided into numerous genres (or subjects). For example, the Nonfiction category is comprised of genres such as Business and Finance, Health, and Travel. The Fiction category is comprised of genres such as Romance, Poetry, and Science Fiction. The Kids category is comprised of the genres Children's and Young Adult. Each of the genres on our home page goes to a "site map" that has that genre's subcategories linked to the associated directory pages. For example, when you click on the "Travel" genre on our home page, you are taken to a site map that has links to such pages as "New England travel guide ebooks," "Caribbean travel guide ebooks," "air travel ebooks," etc. As of 12 October 2002, we have completed the site maps for the nonfiction and kids genres, and are halfway through the fiction genres. We'll keep you posted here on our progress.

For each entry, the ebook title appears first and is then followed by the author's first and last name.  The title is hyperlinked to a web page where additional information about the ebook is provided and where you can order the ebook. Here's an example: Rogue Investor, by Bryan Rundell. A short description of the ebook follows the author's name.

If an ebook is offered for free, the entry will show up as well in our directory of free ebooks. There is a link to the free ebooks on our home page.

If a subcategory for a genre continues onto a second or additional pages, there will be a "Next page" link at the bottom of the page.

eBookstores and ePublishers. We also have a directory of ebookstores and epublishers. Great places to buy ebooks! Each entry is hyperlinked to the company's home page on the Internet, and includes a short description of the company. Here's an example: Salvo Press: The microbrew of publishing. There is a link to the ebookstores and epublishers "site map" from our home page.

Free eBooks. Finally, our directory features free ebooks! The Free eBooks Site Map, which is linked from our home page, has free ebooks categorized by genre. 

Other Things to Know. Want to search for an ebook by title, author name or keyword? Google Search, which is found at the bottom of each page in our web site. Please be aware that it takes awhile for Google to index new and updated web pages.

If you find a link to an ebook that does not work, please let us know so we can keep our directory current. Our email address is provided at the bottom of each directory page. We'd also like to find out from you what you like or dislike about our directory, so we can make it even better.

What's New?
We have surpassed 1600 ebooks in our directory! Check out the great selection.

Free eBooks: We've compiled a list of sources for free ebooks. What a deal!

eBook Readers and Other Free Downloads: You can download for free the software you need to read ebooks.

Newsletter: Our newsletter, the "Mind Like Water Monthly," continues to receive accolades, so sign up now and join the ebook community. Each issue contains useful information related to the ebook industry, as well as interviews with ebook authors and e-publishers.  Whether you're a reader, author, publisher or just interested, all we need is your name and email address. All of your information is kept confidential and not sold to others.  

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I just wanted to drop a quick note of appreciation for the excellent content in your ezine. WOW, and this month's another winner! ... Keep up the extraordinary work and I'll keep forwarding your zine in its entirety to folks I think are good candidates to subscribe!
Jody Murphy, MS


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