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Historical Fiction eBooks - Westerns

We the People, by Pamela Ackerson. This is Ackerson's second novel of her time-travel trilogy. Matthew Standing Deer's greatest challenge—to protect the People, murder, intrigue and the Wounded Knee Massacre.
Liar's Trail, by C. K. Crigger. Gincy Tate will tell every lie in the book, if it means avenging her father's murder.
Me and My Uncle, by Miles Archer. A novella about a young gunslinger and his uncle. There they come to make choices that lead to love...and death.
To Hell and Back, by P. A. Bechko. New to the western frontier, Amanda Clery finds herself suddenly framed for bank robbery by her employer, the owner of the bank, then rescued by Jake Hollander. But that's the last rescuing she's going to need, because Amada is going to learn how to take care of herself! 
The Tip-Up .22, by Jerry Tucker. This western story begins shortly after the Civil War and follows the life of young Kit McKinney as he heads down the Sacramento River towards his dream city, San Francisco. Kit's adventures escalate into life and death situations once he reaches his destination and meets both friend and foe. He has to deal with Mike Strange, the cold-blooded thief and gunslinger; Chris, the double-talking murderer; and Joleen, the girl he loves and helps to reclaim the land stolen from her father. 
Clearwater, by Bobby R. Woodall. In 1879, murder isn't the only dirty business going on in Indian territory.... 
Two Pair Beat Three Deuces, by Hank Valon. Pedro and Charlie were two cowboys. After traveling north to Kansas with their boss, a Texas cattleman, they find themselves in the adventure of a lifetime. 
Wakan Man, by Frederick W. Boling. Twin Brothers, one a missionary an the other a doctor, enter the Lakota Territory. Each will fight for sanity and it will change them both forever. Set in 1860s Dakota Territory. 
Steiger's Colt, by Chuck Breuer. Orphaned, Carl Steiger takes to the trails and is later adopted by Jed Barrette, who teaches Steiger the horse whisperer's trade. Returning home after serving in the Civil War, he finds that his father's ranch has been sold for back taxes. During Steiger's struggle to regain his ranch, Steiger conceals that he was a veteran of the U.S. Army and not a former Confederate. This fact and a startling series of events involving his adoptive father combine to create a surprise ending. 
The Claypool Conspiracy, by Dale Brooks. A young Texas sheriff teams up with a young doctor in the 1800's in a murder investigation. With ideas from a book about new technical advances in finding clues scientifically, he is the first lawman west of the Mississippi to go to trial in a murder without an eyewitness. It is an uphill fight as local people are suspicious of these new-fangled ideas from back east. The sheriff not only has to find these clues, he also has to sell the district attorney on using them and a jury on believing them. 
Sammy, by Chuck Kelly. Once a slave and freed at the end of the Civil War,
Sammy heads West to pursue his dream of becoming a cowboy... and soon earns himself a reputation as a gunfighter. 
The Legend of Lejube Rogue, by Patricia Lucas White. Book 1 of The Legend of Lejube RogueThe pioneers whispered fearsome tales of Lejube Rogue, the white Indian who ghosted through the untamed land seeking the man who had murdered his father and seduced his mother. The man Rogue had sworn to kill. The settlers told many strange tales of the ice-eyed gunfighter and his incredible deeds, and perhaps some of the tellings were even true. Or perhaps the truth was stranger still. 
Wolf Winter, by Patricia Lucas White. Book 2 of The Legend of Lejube Rogue. The nights were dark and long, and when the fires dwindled the pioneers whispered tales of Lejube Rogue, the white Indian. Rogue sought the man he could never kill, the fleeing man who could lay claim to nothing but madness, the dead women who marked his passage across the savage land, and one lone woman who lived with grief, fear, and the memory of love. 
Manitou, by Emmet Willard. Fact: In1847, members of the Cayuse tribe massacred Dr. Marcus Whitmen, his wife, and twelve missionaries. Fifty-one persons were taken captive. President Polk sent an army to protect the settlers. Fiction: Angus Red Elk was attending the mission school on the day of the massacre. He escaped and began his career as a scout and interpreter for the first Army Regiment in the West. In the course of Red Elk's adventures, he discovers a cavern guarded by scorpions, filled with priceless treasure.  
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